Warrant Officer Liu is a vendor NPC who trades Campaign Tokens (CT) into rare maximum level Gadgets, a Reactor, Auxiliary Weapons and Melding Ammunition Primary and Secondary Weapons. Most of it's items can be upgraded into Epic quality at the Tinker, at the cost of 1 Titan Token and 1 Power Matrix.

Location Edit

  • In Coral Forest, she can be found at Copacabana (-369, -435):
Warrant Officer Liu Location - Coral Forest

Warrant Officer Liu location in Copacabana, Coral Forest

  • In Sertao, she can be found at Dredge (499,-1027):
Warrant Officer Liu Location - Sertao

Items for Sale Edit



Reaper Reactor 15 Reactor
Nanorepair Power Converter 12 Gadget
Pirate's Call 12 Gadget
Automatic Medical Circuit 16 Gadget
Demolitions Software 17 Gadget
Scorcher Pheromone Sprayer 17 Gadget
The Queen's Heart 17 Gadget
Guidance Thrusters 18 Gadget
Judgement 18 Gadget
Fuzzy Dice 20 Gadget
Hobbe's Revenge 20 Assault
Iron Cross 16 Secondary
Sander's Rifle 18 Secondary
Kara's Sidearm 15 Secondary
Singh's Prayer 18 Secondary
Concussion Gun 12 Secondary
Sander's Last Resort 16 Secondary
Martha 20 Secondary
Singh's Little Friend 19 Secondary
Voltaic Rifle 12 Secondary
Rasheed's Burster 15 Secondary
Sassaflash 15 Secondary
Nokorus 20 Biotech
Tarjunt 20 Engineer
Darkswarm 20 Dreadnaught
Shadowhunt 20 Recon
Hurricane 20 Secondary
Proximity Mine 15 Auxiliary
Rage of the Earth 20 Auxiliary

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