Update 1.6 Razor's Edge

Update 1.6: Razor's Edge

Update 1.6: Razor's Edge went live January 2016. With changes and reworks to all systems, temporary removal of Devil’s Tusk, The Amazon and crafting, reintroduction of PVPnew instances, new bounties system, Elite Ranks and Tinkering. A migration guide were made available to players. Official patch notes :

Update Highlights Edit

Jetball Edit

We’re excited to bring a preview of our Arena PvP online. The mode chosen for the PvP Preview is Jetball. More modes will be available in a later update as Arena PvP returns in full swing.

Holdout – Jericho Edit

Holdout is a brand new instanced PvE gametype for players at maximum level. Squads can challenge themselves by protecting a Melding Repulsor against endless waves of Chosen. Each wave gets increasingly difficult and at the end of each wave the squad has the option to cash out the rewards they’ve earned so far or risk taking on another wave for more rewards. Read about Holdout here.

Titan Battle - Defense of Dredge Edit

Dredge is under siege from the Chosen and the Accord needs ARES Pilots to ensure this outpost that is critical to its operations does not fall into Melded hands. This battle is for a 10-pilot platoon for maximum level battleframes.

Instance-based narrative-driven content Edit

The Firefall story has evolved and ARES Pilots are charged with taking on the threat from the Razorwind Chosen Tribe right from the start. The previously existing Campaign Missions have been lightly revised to fit the narrative and all-new instances have been created to further drive the narrative of the Razorwind threat. Read about the narrative-driven content here.

Epic instanced missions have three difficulty modes Edit

Normal, Challenge, and Hardcore. The Normal difficulty is balanced for the level the mission is unlocked. Challenge mode is balanced for 3 levels above the mission’s unlock level. Hardcore mode is tuned for maximum level players.

Two new Operations have been added Edit

Hightide and ARES-Team. Hardcore versions are also available for these new Operations.

Skydock Edit

The Skydock event now triggers based on players performing thumping missions at the various watchtowers throughout Coral Forest. Once enough resources are gathered, the Chosen attack on Skydock event begins.

OCT Edit

Orbital Comm Tower now has a bonus event that triggers upon a victory. After completing OCT players will be awarded with special single use gliders. These gliders allow players to scan the forest and deserts of Sertao for hidden artifacts, salvage and other valuables which are located in Treasure Caches.

Bounties Edit

a new system is being introduced to help guide and reward players for completing different types of content in Firefall. Read about the all-new Bounty system here.

Outposts Edit

Various outposts in Coral Forest and Sertao have been visually updated to better express their role in the world of Firefall.

Combat update Edit

All battleframes have received a full design pass with the overall goal of providing clean and easy to read combat along with making each battleframe feel diverse and meaningful. This pass is just a first step in working towards that goal and we plan to continue to iterate based on player feedback and metrics to provide a great combat experience in Firefall.

Progression update Edit

Battleframe progression has been modified to provide a better feeling of advancement while leveling your battleframes. When players level their Accord battleframes, upon reaching level 20 the player is given a mission to go to the Advanced Battlelab to progress their Accord battleframe into one of the advanced counterparts available. Read more about the progression system update here.

Elite Ranks Edit

We are introducing a new advancement system that utilizes earned experience when at maximum level. As a battleframe progresses through Elite Ranks, they will earn upgrades to that battleframe’s stats, perks from other battleframes, or even unlock other battleframes! Read more about Elite Ranks here.

Modules Edit

Modules are being adjusted so that they no longer have levels or level requirements to equip. They will also have utility in both weapons and abilities per module. This will effectively cut down on the amount of types of modules players need to collect to customize their weapons and abilities while continuing to allow the same degree of customization. Read more about the Module changes here.

Tinkering Edit

We are introducing a new system to upgrade both modules and equipment. Tinkering allows for combining modules of equal type and rank to increase their rank, in turn increasing the bonus they provide. This system also allows for upgrading base stats on weapons, abilities, and equipment. Read about the Tinkering system here.

Itemization Edit

We are increasing the amount of equipment slots to give players more control over their item builds. Cores are being converted into five main equipment slots: Head, Chassis, Reactor, Arms, and Legs. New equipment slots have also been added: Medical System, Operating System, and two Gadget slots. Read about the Itemization changes here.

Looking for Group Edit

The Looking for Group tool has been improved. Players can now create or search for group listings to complete any kind of content in the game.

Battleframes and Combat Edit

Assault Edit

  • Role: Offense
  • The Assault dashes into the front lines, devastating enemies with powerful attacks.
  • Health: High
  • Movement Speed: Standard
  • Jet Energy: Very High
  • Jet Energy Recharge: Standard
  • Designer’s Notes:
  • The Assault has enough health to take a few hits, and can deal high damage in an area of effect from moderate range.
  • When an Assault picks their advanced frame, they may:
  • Specialize into long range, precision damage with Tigerclaw
  • Specialize into close range, AoE damage with Firecat

Accord Assault Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Plasma Cannon – The Plasma Cannon fires bursts of plasma which will explode on impact, dealing area of effect damage. Sustained fire can cause the Plasma Cannon to overheat, requiring it to cool off before it can be fired again.
  • Alternate Fire: Enter assault stance, aiming down sights to gain improved accuracy and rate of fire, while reducing your movement speed.


  • Meteor Strike - Leap into the air and smash back down to earth, impacting the ground with great force. Enemies near the point of impact are knocked back and damaged. While this ability is active, you take 75% reduced damage from all sources.
  • Overcharge - Overcharge your battleframe’s offensive systems, causing your signature weapons to generate no heat, increasing your rate of fire, and granting unlimited ammunition for the duration.
  • Afterburner - Rocket forward with incredible speed in the direction you are facing. Firecat only: Afterburner leaves a trail of flame that deals damage to nearby enemies. Tigerclaw only: Afterburner's total thrust force is increased by 50%.
  • Ultimate - Shockwave - Activate: Unleash a massive burst of energy, dealing extreme damage to all enemies in its path.

Tigerclaw Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Fusion Cannon – The Fusion Cannon is both a high precision weapon and a powerful ordinance delivery device wrapped into one lethal package. The Fusion Cannon launches powerful bolts of plasma that detonate in a small area of effect at the point of impact
  • Alternate Fire: Enter assault stance, aiming down sights to gain improved accuracy and rate of fire, while reducing your movement speed.


  • Hellfire – Hover for the duration, launching a salvo of missiles towards your target reticle, dealing kinetic damage to targets in an area of effect.
  • Pulsar – Fire a pulsar, which will attach to the point of impact. If attacks damage the pulsar, it will detonate, dealing massive energy damage in a large area of effect. If attached to an enemy, they will be slowed, and the Pulsar will explode after three seconds.
  • Ultimate – Supercharge - Supercharge your battleframe, granting unlimited jet energy, increasing your movement speed, and accelerating your ability cooldowns for the duration of Supercharge.

Firecat Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Phason Thrower – The Phason Thrower sprays a high-energy stream of molten material, dealing thermal damage in an area of effect at the point of impact. The Phason Thrower deals increased damage as the weapon heats up.
  • Alternate Fire: Enter assault stance, aiming down sights to gain improved accuracy and rate of fire, while reducing your movement speed.


  • Thermal Wave – Channel a blast of intense flame which pierces through all enemies in a line, dealing high thermal damage over the duration.
  • Fuel Cloud – Launch a projectile which will create a fuel cloud on impact. The fuel cloud will slow enemies that enter it. If attacks deal damage to the fuel cloud, it will ignite, replenishing its duration and changing it into an inferno that deals thermal damage over time to enemies within the area of effect.
  • Ultimate – Fuel Air Bomb - Toss an explosive that detonates to deal high thermal damage and set the target area on fire, burning enemies within over several seconds.

Biotech Edit

  • Role: Support (Advanced Frame Roles: Offense, Support)
  • The Biotech heals allies and weakens enemies with advanced chemicals and toxins.
  • Health: Standard
  • Movement Speed: High
  • Jet Energy: Very High
  • Jet Energy Recharge: Standard
  • Designer’s Notes:
  • The Biotech battleframe can directly heal and buff allies, and debuff enemies.
  • When a Biotech picks their advanced frame, they may:
  • Specialize into damage dealing with Recluse
  • Specialize into group support with Dragonfly

Accord Biotech Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Smart Blaster - The Smart Blaster fires nano-toxin globules that heal allies and deal area of effect damage to enemies in a small radius on impact.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights for improved accuracy.


  • Healing Generator – Deploy a healing generator. The healing generator gradually heals nearby allies. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.
  • Poison Ball - Fire a ball of noxious chemicals that explodes on impact, poisoning enemies in the area of effect. Poisoned enemies are slowed and take chemical damage over time.
  • Adrenaline Rush - For the duration of adrenaline rush, you and nearby allies benefit from improved movement speed and weapon rate of fire.
  • Ultimate - Heroism - When you activate heroism, nearby enemies are slowed, while you and your nearby allies gain a percentage of damage dealt as healing.

Dragonfly Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Bio Rifle – The Bio Rifle fires toxic projectiles to damage hostile targets.
  • Alternate Fire: Hold to fire a beam which heals friendly targets.


  • Healing Wave - Fire a healing wave in the direction you are facing. The Healing Wave heals friendly targets, while enemies caught in the area of effect are damaged and knocked back.
  • Emergency Response - Instantly teleport in the direction you are aiming, healing all nearby friendly targets upon arrival.
  • Ultimate – Healing Dome - Project a healing dome for the duration, healing allies within the effect radius.

Recluse Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Bolt Driver – The Bolt Driver fires a bolt laced with deadly toxins, dealing direct chemical damage to enemies.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights to fire with increased accuracy.


  • Creeping Death –Fire a shot which creates a cloud of poisonous chemicals. Enemies within the cloud suffer chemical damage over the duration of the effect.
  • Poison Trail –Fire a trail of poisonous gas, snaring and dealing chemical damage over time to enemies that linger in the effect radius.
  • Ultimate – Necrosis - Emit a sphere of toxic gas, dealing extreme chemical damage over time in an area around you.

Engineer Edit

  • Role: Support
  • The Engineer supports allies by building turrets and other machinery.
  • Health: Standard
  • Movement Speed: High
  • Jet Energy: Standard
  • Jet Energy Recharge: Very High
  • Designer’s Notes:
  • The Engineer focuses on fortifying locations with turrets and Supply Pad. 
  • When they pick an advanced frame, they may:
  • Gain improved direct damage and group buffs with Electron
  • Gain additional turrets and a deployable force field with Bastion

Accord Engineer Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Arc Thrower – The Arc Thrower fires a focused, short range beam of energy. The tesla beam will chain to one additional target near the point of impact, damaging enemies and repairing allied deployables.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights for improved accuracy.


  • Heavy Turret – Deploy an automated heavy turret. The heavy turret will target and fire upon nearby enemies. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an engineer.
  • Overclock - Overclock your jumpjets, improving air control and granting unlimited jet energy for the duration.
  • Supply Station - Deploy a supply station which automatically generates health and ammunition power-ups. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an engineer.
  • Anti–Personnel Turret - Deploy a powerful turret that must be operated manually. You or one of your allies may interact with the turret to enter it. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.

Bastion Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Mine Launcher – The Mine Launcher fires grenades that attach to the target or surface. 
  • Alternate Fire: Detonate all grenades, damaging enemies and repairing allied deployables in the effect radius.


  • Multi Turrets – Deploy a small, automated turret. A maximum of 3 turrets may be deployed at any given time. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.
  • Deployable Shield – Deploy a shield generator, creating a one-way energy barrier that blocks incoming projectiles. This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.
  • Ultimate – Fortify - For the duration of fortify, all of your deployables deal bonus damage and are invulnerable. Deployables will self-destruct once fortify expires.

Electron Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Shock Rail – The Shock Rail fires a beam of energy that inflicts a shock charge on the target. If a target has two shock charges, an explosion is caused, removing the charges and dealing additional damage to the target and nearby enemies. 
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights for increased accuracy.


  • Bulwark – Release a pulse of energy, granting you and nearby allies a shield which absorbs incoming damage.
  • Boomerang Shot – Fire an energy projectile which returns once it reaches max range. Enemies hit by boomerang shot take energy damage and become vulnerable to other sources of damage, while friendly targets gain increased resistance to damage for a short duration.
  • Ultimate – Electrical Storm - Fire a slow-moving electrical storm that stuns and deals energy damage to all enemies in its path.

Dreadnaught Edit

  • Role: Defense (Advanced Frame Roles: Offense, Defense)
  • The Dreadnaught is a heavily-armed fortress that shields their teammates from harm.
  • Health: Very High
  • Movement Speed: Standard
  • Jet Energy: Standard 
  • Jet Energy Recharge: High
  • Designer’s Notes:
  • The Dreadnaught does less damage than the dedicated “Offense” battleframes, but is much more durable, and is able to focus enemy attention away from weaker teammates.
  • When a Dreadnaught picks their advanced frame, they may:
  • Specialize into high damage with Rhino
  • Specialize into group defense with Mammoth

Accord Dreadnaught Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Heavy Machine Gun - The Heavy Machine Gun spins up and then fires rapidly, dealing effective damage at short to medium range. The HMG’s accuracy improves while maintaining continuous fire.
  • Alternate Fire: Spin up the barrel without firing.


  • Heavy Armor - For the duration of heavy armor, you take reduced damage from all sources and gain a forward shield that can completely block enemy projectiles.
  • Turret Mode - While turret mode is active, you are immobile and gain increased accuracy and rate of fire. Activate this ability again to cancel turret mode.
  • Charge - Charge forward at high speed, knocking away enemies in your path. Charge deals damage in a circular effect radius at the end of the charge.
  • Ultimate - Absorption Bomb - Brace for impact, briefly gaining extreme damage resistance and taunting nearby enemies to attack you. When the damage reduction expires, it causes an explosion, dealing damage based on the amount absorbed to enemies caught in the area of effect.

Mammoth Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Rotary Blaster – The Rotary Blaster fires high caliber, explosive rounds.
  • Alternate Fire: Spin up the barrel without firing.


  • Gravity Pull – When you activate gravity pull, enemies in a cone in front of you within gravity pull's range are dragged to your location, taking kinetic damage in the process. 
  • Thunderdome – Create a spherical energy shield around yourself that will block enemy projectiles. The thunderdome can be destroyed prematurely by damage taken from hostile attacks. 
  • Ultimate – Dreadfield - Project a field that deals kinetic damage over time and weakens enemies within the area of effect, reducing the damage that they deal.

Rhino Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Photon Lance – The Photon Lance fires a beam that deals increasing damage the longer it is fired.
  • Alternate Fire: Pre-heat the Photon Lance.


  • Penetrating Rounds – For the duration of penetrating rounds, your primary weapon has unlimited ammunition and penetrates through multiple targets.
  • Sundering Blast –Release an explosion of energy from your battleframe reactor, snaring and dealing Kinetic damage to enemies in the effect radius.
  • Ultimate – Mighty Charge -Charge forward at incredible speed, knocking aside and dealing extreme Kinetic damage to enemies in your path.

Recon Edit

  • Role: Offense
  • The Recon picks off enemies with precise attacks from long range.
  • Health: Standard
  • Movement Speed: Very High
  • Jet Energy: High
  • Jet Energy Recharge: Standard
  • Designer’s Notes:
  • The Recon battleframes focus on accurately delivering high damage at moderate to long range.
  • When a Recon picks their advanced frame, they may:
  • Gain a group defensive buff and improved close range capability with Raptor
  • Gain a group offensive buff and a sniper rifle that pierces targets with Nighthawk

Accord Recon Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Marksman Rifle – The Marksman Rifle deals precise damage to a single target at long range.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights to fire with increased accuracy.


  • Cryo Shot - Shoot a freezing projectile which detonates on impact. Enemies in the area of effect are damaged and are snared for a short duration. The cryo shot also leaves behind a cryogenic field at its impact point which slows any enemies that enter it.
  • Teleport Beacon - Throw a beacon that opens a portal to the impact location. You may activate the ability again to teleport directly to the portal at the impact point.
  • Remote Explosive - Launch an explosive mine which can be remotely detonated to deal kinetic damage to enemies in an area of effect.
  • Ultimate - Artillery Strike - Paint a target for an artillery strike, dealing massive kinetic damage over a large area.

Nighthawk Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle – The Sniper Rifle deals direct damage, and will penetrate through up to five enemies or shields.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights to fire with increased accuracy..


  • Decoy - Enter stealth, becoming invisible and unable to be targeted by enemies. A holographic decoy is left behind at the location you became invisible, which taunts enemies to attack it. The decoy explodes after a brief delay, damaging enemies in the area of effect.
  • SIN Beacon – Deploy a beacon which adds nearby enemies to the Shared Intelligence Network, allowing you and your allies to track their position on the mini-map and through walls. In addition, affected targets become vulnerable, taking increased damage from all sources.
  • Ultimate – Eruption - For the duration of eruption rounds, enemies you kill will explode, dealing additional thermal damage to enemies in the effect radius.

Raptor Edit

  • Primary Weapon: Charge Rifle – The Charge Rifle automatically gains charge over time and expends all stored charge when fired, dealing energy damage to the target.
  • Alternate Fire: Aim down sights to fire with increased accuracy.


  • Smoke Screen - Deploy a smoke screen. Allies can step through the smoke screen to receive a damage reduction bonus. Enemies that are caught in the smoke screen suffer a penalty to weapon accuracy.
  • Assassinate – Teleport to a targeted enemy and strike them with a devastating melee attack. If the attack kills the target, the cooldown of assassinate is immediately refreshed.
  • Ultimate – Overload - For the duration of overload, enemies shot by your weapon will unleash an explosion of energy, dealing additional damage. An individual enemy may only trigger this explosion a maximum of once per second.

Perks Edit

All Battleframes Edit

Expanded Munitions

  • Increases total ammo capacity by 20%. This is additive with any other increases to ammo capacity from perks or gear.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 1.

Extra Plating

  • Additional layers of battleframe plating increases bonus health by 8%.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 1

Fast Hands

  • Increases reload speed by 20%.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe - level 1

Optimized Targeting

  • Increases all damage dealt by 2%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 1

Prototype Pistons

  • Increases base movement speed by +0.25 meters per second.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 1

Memory Alloys

  • Increases repairing of machinery by 5%. This does not stack with damage or healing boosts.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 13

Materia Medica Database

  • Increases healing dealt by 5%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 13

SIN Acquisition Daemon

  • Automatically acquires into SIN any enemy that the pilot damages.
  • Unlock: Any Battleframe – level 13


  • Increases sprint speed by an additional 5%.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 13

Antifreeze Nanogel

  • Reduces all Cryogenic damage taken by 10%.
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 15.

Incalescent Armor

  • Reduces thermal damage taken by 10%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 15

Kinetic Absorption

  • Reduces kinetic damage taken by 10%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 15

Micro Melding Repulsor

  • Reduces all melding damage taken by 10%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 15


  • Reduces all chemical damage taken by 10%
  • Unlock: Any battleframe – level 15

Powered Armor

  • Reduces energy damage taken by 10%
  • Unlock: Any Battleframe – level 15

Microcompression Suspension

  • Absorbs ground impact energy, allowing safe landings from great heights in the events of jump jet or pilot failure.
  • Unlock: Any advanced battleframe – level 20

Assault Edit

Quick-Flexing Servos

  • Increases jump height by 3m.
  • Unlock: Accord Assault – level 10

Plasma Enthusiast

  • Thermal weapons and abilities deal 10% additional damage
  • Unlock: Accord Assault – level 15

Quick Hands

  • Reduces weapon switching time by 45%
  • Unlock: Tigerclaw – level 20

Searing Flames

  • When you deal thermal damage to a target, their damage is reduced by 2% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 20%.
  • Unlock: Firecat – level 20


  • Increases the damage dealt by area effect abilities which emanate from you by 15%.
  • Unlock: Firecat – level 25


  • Reduces thermal damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlock: Firecat – level 25

Plasma Scoops

  • After taking thermal damage, grants bonus energy regeneration (80 energy per second) for 4 seconds. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Tigerclaw – level 25

Quick-Pivot Servos

  • Increases run speed by 0.25m/s a second and sprint speed by 5%.
  • Unlock: Tigerclaw – level 25


  • Activating any ability invigorates the pilot and allies within 8m; increasing movement and attack speed by 15% for 6 seconds.
  • Unlock: Advanced assault frame – level 30

Corpse Combustion

  • When an enemy is killed, their corpse bursts into flames for 6 seconds, damaging enemies (40 hp/s at level 1) within 3m. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 3 seconds.
  • Unlock: Firecat – level 35.

Eye of the Tiger

  • Reduces the cooldown of movement abilities by 1 second.
  • Unlock: Tigerclaw – level 35.

Second Wind

  • Killing 5 or more enemies within 5 seconds while your health is below 35% heals you for 60% of your maximum health.
  • Unlock: Advanced assault frame – level 40.

Biotech Edit


  • Increases total health regeneration by 10%.
  • Unlock: Accord Biotech – level 10

Bio Blending

  • Increases damage dealt while at full health by 10%
  • Unlock: Accord Biotech – level 15

Bio Reserves

  • Reduces the cooldown of all healing abilities by 4.5 seconds.
  • Unlock: Dragonfly – level 20.

Necrotic Bite

  • Increases damage done to humanoid targets by 8%.
  • Unlock: Recluse – level 20

Melding Converter

  • Reduces all melding damage taken by 10%. After taking melding damage, heal 5% of maximum health over 4 seconds. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Dragonfly – level 25

Frequent Patient

  • Increases healing received by 10%.
  • Unlock: Dragonfly – level 25


  • Reduces chemical damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlock: Recluse – level 25


  • Chemical weapons and abilities deal 10% additional damage.
  • Unlock: Recluse - level 25

Catalytic Poisons

  • Targets hit with chemical damage have additional damage dealt as a delayed burst (15 base damage at level 1) 4 seconds after being infected.
  • Unlock: Advanced Biotech frame– level 30

Combat Medic

  • Reviving incapacitated players will restore them to full health. Additionally, increases your health regeneration and that of squadmates within 100m and other allies within 8m by 20%.
  • Unlock: Dragonfly – level 35.

Potent Toxins

  • Weapons and abilities that deal chemical damage reduce the targets’ movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Unlock: Recluse – level 35.

Toxic Finale

  • Upon being incapacitated, detonate a powerful chemical bomb in an 8m radius around you that damages enemies and heals allies for 20hp/sec (at level 1) for 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Advanced Biotech frame – level 40.

Dreadnaught Edit

Get a Move On

  • Increases run speed by 10% when weapon is holstered.
  • Unlock: Accord Dreadnaught – level 10


  • Increases melee damage by 15%. Attacks with brawling and hammer-type auxiliary weapons now have a 25% chance to stun targets for 2 seconds.
  • Unlocks: Accord Dreadnaught – level 15

Back in Action

  • Reduces respawn timer by 50%.
  • Unlock: Rhino - level 20


  • After taking damage, the pilot’s armor hardens to reduce all damage taken by 2% for 4 seconds. This stacks up to a total of 10%.
  • Unlock: Mammoth – level 20

Self-Cleaning Servos

  • Reduces all snare effects and durations by 50%
  • Unlock: Rhino – level 25


  • Sprinting snares targets within 4m, reducing their movement speed by 50%.
  • Unlock: Rhino – level 25

Shields up

  • Increases the health of all shields by 20%
  • Unlock: Mammoth – level 25

Thick Skull

  • Reduces all headshot damage taken by 20%
  • Unlock: Mammoth – level 25

Deflection Plating

  • Reduces damage from all sources by 5%.
  • Unlock: Advanced Dreadnaught Frame – level 30.

Kill Stealer

  • Increases weapon and ability damage by 30% against targets below 50% health.
  • Unlock: Rhino – level 35.

Thick Hide

  • Increases bonus health by 25%.
  • Unlock: Mammoth – level 35.


  • Suffering damage causes your battleframe’s offensive systems to go into overdrive, increasing damage dealt by 5% for 10 seconds. Taking repeated damage increases the bonus by 5% per two seconds up to a maximum of 25% bonus damage.
  • Unlock: Advanced Dreadnaught frame – level 40

Engineer Edit

Fuel Injectors

  • Increases energy recharge rate by 20%.
  • Unlock: Accord Engineer – level 10

Resonating Shields

  • Increases the duration of ability shield effects by 2 seconds.
  • Unlock: Accord Engineer – level 15

Augmented Shield Generators

  • Reduces the cooldown of shield abilities by 2.5 seconds.
  • Unlock: Electron – level 25

Resilient Alloys

  • Increases health of your non-shield deployables by 15%.
  • Unlock: Bastion – level 20

Combustion Boost

  • Adds an additional +60 jet energy.
  • Unlock: Electron – level 20

Magnetic Shielding

  • Reduces all kinetic damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlock: Electron – level 25

Hardware Genius

  • Increases damage dealt to deployables, machinery and vehicles by 20%.
  • Unlock: Bastion – level 25

Reactive Armor

  • Reduces first hit of damage taken by 20%. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Bastion – level 25.

Mounted Firepower

  • Increases the damage of your deployables by 25%
  • Unlock: Advanced Engineer Frame – level 30

Sentient Armor

  • When hit, automatically adjusts Battleframe armor to reduce damage from that damage type by 10% for 10 seconds. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 12 seconds.
  • Unlock: Bastion – level 35

Rapid Kinesis Assemblage

  • Increases the charge rate of ultimate abilities by 20%.
  • Unlock: Electron - level 35

Hyper Kinesis Surge

  • When your ultimate ability is activated, gain a 130% speed boost and a 40% defensive bonus for 12 seconds.
  • Unlock: Advanced Engineer Frame – level 40

Recon Edit

Head Hunter

  • Increases critical damage by 10%
  • Unlock: Accord Recon – level 10

SIN Precision

  • Targets you place into SIN are visible behind walls.
  • Unlock: Accord Recon – level 15

Special Operations

  • Increases the duration of stealth abilities and reduces cooldown of teleport abilities by 3 seconds.
  • Unlock: Nighthawk – level 20


  • Reduces the cooldown on grenade abilities by 3 seconds.
  • Unlock: Raptor – level 20.

Ballistics Expert

  • Kinetic weapons and abilities deal 10% additional damage.
  • Unlock: Nighthawk – level 25


  • When damaged or added to enemy SIN, tags your attacker in SIN.
  • Unlock: Nighthawk – level 25

Feedback Circuits

  • Reduces all energy damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlock: Raptor – level 25


  • Increases weapon charging speed by 10%.
  • Unlock – Raptor - level 25


  • When you inflict a critical hit, there is a 20% chance of resetting your ability cooldowns. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.
  • Unlock: Advanced recon frame – level 30

Energy Shaping

  • Increases melee damage by 15%. Attacks with sword-type auxiliary weapons now deal 50% additional damage from behind the target.
  • Unlock: Raptor - level 35

Sure Shot

  • Dealing weapon damage has a 10% chance to trigger a 50% rate of fire boost for 3 seconds. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Nighthawk – level 35.

Energy Spikes

  • Activating an ability will deploy an energy spike trap at your location which lasts 10 seconds. Enemies in the trap are snared (-60% movement speed) and take damage over time (10hp/sec at level 1) while in the trap and for 2 seconds after leaving it.
  • Unlock: Advanced Recon Frame – level 40.

Reputation Vendors Edit

Animal Trainer

  • Increases duration and health of summoned animals by 100%.
  • Purchase Animal Trainer from ARES Supplier.


  • Increases your jump jet air control by 50%.
  • Purchase Aviator from ARES Supplier.


  • Holstered weapons have 15 round s per second automatically loaded into their magazines from their ammo reserves.
  • Purchase Auto-Loader from ARES Supplier.

Compact Munitions

  • Increases magazine and total ammo capacities by 15%. This is additive with any other increases to ammo capacity from perks or gear.
  • Purchase Compact Munitions from ARES supplier.

Cryo Transmission

  • When the pilot inflicts Cryogenic damage, their target’s firing rate is reduced by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Purchase Cryo Transmission from ARES supplier.

Cryo-Cooled Magazine

  • When the pilot inflicts cryogenic damage with a weapon, their target’s speed is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Purchase Cryo-Cooled Magazine from ARES supplier.

Dancing Flames

  • When you inflict thermal damage with a weapon, the flames have a 50% chance to splash onto an enemy within 10m, setting them on fire for 3 seconds. This effect can happen once per second.
  • Purchase Dancing Flames from ARES Supplier.

Defensive OS Daemon

  • Dynamic defensive energy routing increases bonus health by 15%.
  • Purchase Defensive OS Daemon from ARES Supplier

Electrolyte Supplements

  • Superior biochemical nanite production increases healing dealt by 10%.
  • Purchase Electrolyte Supplements from ARES Supplier.

Elemental Maelstrom

  • When you inflict damage of one type (thermal, chemical, cryogenic, energy, melding, kinetic), you gain +10% to all other types of damage for 10 seconds.
  • Purchase Elemental Maelstrom from ARES Supplier.


  • Energy weapons and abilities deal 10% additional damage.
  • Purchase Energeticist from ARES Supplier.

Experience Amp

  • Boost XP gains by +1%
  • Purchase Experience Amp from ARES Supplier.

Explosives Expert

  • Increases all damage dealt from grenade-type auxiliary weapons by 25%.
  • Purchase Explosives Expert from ARES Supplier.

Faraday Shackles

  • When the pilot inflicts energy damage, their target’s firing rate is reduced by 10% for 5 seconds.
  • Unlock: Purchase Faraday Shackles from ARES Supplier.

Holmgang Power Amp

  • Power routing to the offensive systems increase damage dealt by 4%.
  • Purchase Holmgang power amp from ARES Supplier


  • Increases repairing of machinery by 10%. This does not stack with damage or healing boosts.
  • Purchase Machinist from ARES Supplier.

Magnetic Cooling Array

  • Cryogenic weapons and abilities deal 10% additional damage.
  • Purchase Magnetic Cooling Array from ARES Supplier

Melding Infection

  • When you inflict melding damage with a weapon, the dark energies sap the target of their strength and reduce their damage by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Purchase Melding Infection from ARES Supplier.

Offensive OS Daemon

  • Offensive power system improvements increase damage dealt by 6%.
  • Unlock: Purchase Offensive OS Daemon from ARES Supplier.

Preventive Medicine

  • Using your medical system has a 50% chance to grant an armor power-up (90% damage reduction for 7 seconds).
  • Purchase Preventive Medicine from ARES supplier.

Scavenger’s Aim

  • Shooting enemies has a 20% chance to knock loose health, ammo or crystite. A target can only drop extra loot five times per minute and enemy players will not drop crystite.
  • Purchase Scavengers Aim from ARES Supplier.


  • Your medical system’s cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.
  • Purchase Self-Medicating from ARES Supplier.

Smart Shrapnel

  • When the pilot inflicts kinetic damage with a weapon, there is a 50% chance of triggering smart shrapnel from their target that damages another enemy within 5m for 25% of the weapon’s damage.
  • Unlock: Purchase Smart Shrapnel from ARES Supplier

Elite Ranks Edit

Combat Veteran

  • Increases reload speed and weapon switch speed by 15%.
  • Unlock: Elite ranks reward.

Fully Loaded

  • Increases magazine and total ammo capacities by 20%. This is additive with any other increases to ammo capacity from perks or gear.
  • Unlock: Elite ranks reward.

Insulated Armor

  • Reduces all cryogenic damage taken by 15%.
  • Unlock: Elite ranks reward.

Achievements Edit


  • Reduces the cooldown on grenade abilities and items by 1 second, and improves weapon reload speed by 10%.
  • Unlock: Earn Agile through achievements.

Big Game Hunter

  • Damage dealt to non-humanoid, non-melded creatures is increased by 10%.
  • Unlock: Earn Big Game Hunter through achievements.

Chaotic Melding

  • Increases Melding damage dealt by 10%, but increases damage taken by melding and Chosen by 20%.
  • Unlock: Earn Chaotic Melding through achievements.

Chosen Hunter

  • Increases damage dealt to Chosen by 10%.
  • Unlock: Earn Chosen Hunter through achievements.

Dancing Flames

  • When the pilot inflicts thermal damage with a weapon, the flames have a 50% chance to splash onto an enemy within 5m, damaging them (40 damage per second at level 1) over 3 seconds. This effect can happen once per second.
  • Unlock: Earn Dancing Flames through achievements.

Elemental Maelstrom

  • When the pilot inflicts damage of one type (Thermal, Chemical, Cryo, Energy, Melding, Kinetic), gain 10% to all other types of damage for 10 seconds.
  • Unlock: Earn Elemental Maelstrom through achievements.

Jet Setter

  • Increases jet energy recharge by 15 per second.
  • Unlock: Earn Jet Setter through achievements.

Melding Corruption

  • Weakens targets hit by melding damage, causing them to take 10% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds.
  • Unlock: Earn Melding Corruption through achievements.

Melding Infection

  • When the pilot inflicts melding damage with a weapon, the dark energies sap the target of their strength and reduce their damage 10% for 5 seconds.
  • Unlock: Earn Melding Infection through achievements.


  • When the pilot takes damage while below 50% of your maximum health, vanish in a cloud of bats, becoming invisible for 5 seconds. (Stealth effects end if you attack.) This effect cannot occur more often than once every 120 seconds.
  • Unlock: Earn Trickster through achievements.

PREVIEW: Player versus Player Edit

  • The Arena PvP preview begins with this patch! We are releasing Jetball as our preview gametype. The preview period will be used to gather metrics and feedback regarding the PvP experience and PvP battleframe balance.
  • For the duration of the PvP Preview, players may experience unbalanced matches in favor of getting everyone into matches as quickly as possible. 

Jetball Edit

  • With the release of this update we are reintroducing the Jetball PvP game mode. The goal in Jetball is to outscore the opposing team by the end of a ten minute match. Players who are not currently carrying the ball will need to attack and defend strategically against the enemy team to gain the upper hand.
  • Upon entering a jetball match, players will be sorted into two teams and placed into spawn rooms. While in the spawn room players will be able to interact with a battleframe terminal and pick their desired battleframe for the match, selecting any battleframe that they currently own for PvE. Players are not locked into this decision and can change battleframes at any point during the match while at this terminal. Battleframes used in PvP will use regulation gear to keep player equipment equal.
  • To score points players will have to obtain the Jetball from the middle of the arena (or by killing someone carrying the jetball, then picking it up) and carry it to the enemy base. Once in the enemy base, players must either carry or throw the ball through a large rotating ring. Depending on how the ball is sent through the goal, players will obtain points as listed below.
    • 1 Point - Carry the jetball through the goal.
    • 2 Points – Throw the jetball through the goal from more than 10m away. (This is currently not marked clearly)
    • 4 Points – In an alcove to the side of the room a circular mark will appear on the ground. If a player throws the jetball through the goal from this point they will score 4 points!
    • After scoring a goal, the team that scored must leave the enemy’s goal room quickly or the automated defense systems will come online (Leave your camping supplies at home, folks!).
  • Special Carrier Rules:
    • It is important to note that the player who is currently carrying the jetball will be unable to use abilities or attack. If the player does use abilities they will immediately drop the jetball on the ground. Although the carrier can pick the ball back up if they wish.
    • To throw the jetball, the carrier will use their default primary fire button. This can be charged up for a stronger throw. Alt-Fire: Lock on to another player to pass the ball to them (Homing). 
  • How to enter Jetball
    • To queue for a Jetball match, players will need to open the activities page (Default key: K), select PvP and enter the queue. Players are able to queue with pre-formed groups if they wish.


  • Battleframes will have standardized stats as well as weapon and ability kits when used in PvP. Please read below to find out what abilities each frame will have equipped when entering PvP.


Accord Assault

  • Primary – Plasma Cannon
  • Secondary – Burst Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Afterburner
    • Meteor Strike
    • Overcharge
    • Ultimate: Shockwave


  • Primary – Phason Thrower
  • Secondary – Burst Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Afterburner
    • Thermal Wave
    • Fuel Cloud
    • Ultimate: Fuel Air Bomb


  • Primary – Fusion Cannon
  • Secondary – Burst Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Afterburner
    • Hellfire
    • Pulsar
    • Ultimate: Supercharge


  • Accord Biotech
  • Primary – Smart Blaster
  • Secondary – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Poison Ball
    • Healing Generator
    • Ultimate: Heroism


  • Primary – Bolt Driver
  • Secondary – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Creeping Death
    • Poison Trail
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Ultimate: Necrosis


  • Primary – Bio Rifle
  • Secondary – Sub-Machine Gun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Healing Wave
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Emergency Response
    • Ultimate: Healing Dome


  • Accord Engineer
  • Primary – Arc Thrower
  • Secondary – Assault Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Heavy Turret
    • Overclock
    • Supply Station
    • Ultimate: Anti-Personnel Turret


  • Primary – Mine Launcher
  • Secondary – Assault Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Multi-Turrets
    • Overclock
    • Deployable Shield
    • Ultimate: Fortify


  • Primary – Shock Rail
  • Secondary – Assault Rifle
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Bulwark
    • Overclock
    • Boomerang Shot
    • Ultimate: Electrical Storm


  • Accord Dreadnaught
  • Primary – Heavy Machine Gun
  • Secondary – Grenade Launcher
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Heavy Armor
    • Turret Mode
    • Charge
    • Ultimate: Absorption Bomb


  • Primary – Rotary Blaster
  • Secondary – Grenade Launcher
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Gravity Pull
    • Thunderdome
    • Charge
    • Ultimate: Dreadfield


  • Primary – Photon Lance
  • Secondary – Grenade Launcher
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Penetrating Rounds
    • Sundering Blast
    • Charge
    • Ultimate: Mighty Charge


  • Accord Recon
  • Primary – Marksman Rifle
  • Secondary – Shotgun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Cryo Shot
    • Remote Explosive
    • Teleport Beacon
    • Ultimate: Artillery Strike


  • Primary – Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary – Shotgun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Decoy
    • Sin Beacon
    • Teleport Beacon
    • Ultimate: Eruption


  • Primary – Charge Rifle
  • Secondary – Shotgun
  • Auxiliary – Energy Sword
  • Abilities
    • Smoke Screen
    • Assassinate
    • Teleport Beacon
    • Ultimate: Overload

PvP Ranks Edit

  • A player’s PvP level is denoted by a Rank which is increased by earning Rank Points through participation in Arena PvP. Ranks are account-wide and apply to all of the player’s battleframes across their owned characters. The current maximum PvP Rank is 50 (Commander).
  • As players rank up they will unlock access to additional secondary weapons to use in their PvP loadout.
  • Rewards
  • While participating in PvP, players are able to advance their PvE battleframes by gaining XP, giving players the option to progress their battleframe through PvP.
  • Players are also rewarded at the end of PvP matches with Crystite and PvE equipment. The rewards are based on the character’s current battleframe level and the amount of time they participated in the match. 
  • Players on the winning team of an arena match receive victory rewards in addition to participation rewards. The victory rewards are a bonus percentage of the participation rewards and contain additional PvE equipment.
  • Players that have PvE battleframes unlocked via Elite Ranks or Red Beans on any character within the same account can use those battleframes in PvE and PvP.

Progression Edit

  • Upon reaching level 20, players will receive a mission which directs them to Trans-hub to a testing facility. Inside this testing facility the player will have an opportunity to test both advanced frames for their chosen archetype. After selecting the frame they wish to use and leaving the testing facility they will be able to continue onward to level 40. At level 20, players will not earn experience until they have completed the advanced Battlelab and selected their advanced battleframe.
  • The progression blog can be found here.
  • Due to the nature of changes, upon first login to the update, each player will need to decide how they would like to migrate their battleframes. View the Migration Guide here.

Elite Ranks Edit

  • Elite Ranks are a form of battleframe-specific character advancement available once at maximum level. Upon reaching maximum level, the experience bar will change to a different style and color to indicate that experience toward Elite Ranks is now being earned. The amount of experience required for each individual Elite Rank is static. Advancing in Elite Ranks will unlock special optional visuals such as back banners which are used to identify a player’s current Elite Ranking, bonus stat increases, battleframe perks, or even other battleframes!
  • Upon reaching an Elite Rank a choice will be presented with an opportunity to upgrade one statistic from a randomized list of possible upgrades. Most new upgrade levels will present the player with a choice of six upgrades, randomly selected from the basic upgrades list, with a chance of one of the upgrades being replaced with a random upgrade from the rare upgrades list. Every tenth earned Elite Rank the upgrade selection will be entirely comprised of rare upgrades! This means that even an unlucky player will have access to rare upgrades such as free battleframes!
  • Basic upgrade options include: Reload speed, ammo capacity, health, health regen, healing dealt, deployable health, healing received, jump height, jet energy, run speed, or jet energy regen.
  • Rare upgrade options include: Battleframe unlocks, perks from other battleframes, maximum perk point increases, power rating, weapon damage dealt, ability recharge rate, ability damage dealt, ultimate charge rate, or even a sum of Crystite or credits!
  • The Elite Ranks blog can be found here.

Itemization Edit

Vehicles and Gliders Edit

  • Battleframe cores have been split into five new primary equipment pieces.
  • Head, Torso, Legs, Arms, and Reactor
  • The head, torso, arm, and leg equipment will contribute to the battleframe’s total health, while the reactor will provide a large bonus to power rating. Equipment with higher rarity can also affect weapon and ability stats.
  • Four New Secondary Equipment slots have been added – Operating System, Medical System and two Gadget slots.
  • Operating System
    • Carries stats which will affect the user’s abilities across the board.
    • Example: If a player has an operating system that affects ability cooldown then all the player’s abilities will receive the cooldown reduction granted by the operating system.
  • Medical System
    • The medical system is a reusable piece of equipment that controls how strong a player’s passive health regeneration is and can also be activated with the press of a dedicated hotkey to provide a burst heal to the player.
    • Medical Systems can contain benefits such as reduced medical system recharge times, increased heal strength, bonus shielding or temporarily increased defenses.
  • Gadgets
    • Gadgets are pieces of equipment that create special effects when activated by the player. Some examples of gadgets are the ability to spawn NPCs to defend the player or when using a grenade auxiliary weapon there is a chance it will not go on cooldown, allowing the player to instantly throw another grenade. Each player can equip two gadgets at a time.
  • Auxiliary Weapon slot
    • Melee
      • Brawling
        • Brawling gear increases the strength of the player’s weapon butt attack.
      • Energy Swords
        • Energy swords are fast attack melee weapons which deal damage in an arc in front of the player.
      • Battle Hammers
        • Battle Hammers perform slow attacks that require a wind up time but deal high damage and have an area of effect.
      • Grenades
        • Fragmentation Grenades deal a quick burst of area of effect damage.
        • Incendiary Grenades deal damage in an area and apply a damage over time effect to enemies.
        • Freeze Grenades explode dealing a small amount of damage in an area and apply a slowing effect to enemies.
        • Chemical Grenades cause an explosion which covers an area with an acidic pool, dealing constant damage to enemies standing in the pool.
        • Tesla Grenades create an electrical field which emits bolts of lightning, causing damage to nearby enemies each second. Enemies that have recently been electrocuted will deal reduced damage for a short time.

Stat and item prefix changes**Corporation Bonuses – Equipment will now have a manufacturer associated with it which will result in specific bonuses based on the manufacturer name.

      • Accord – Provides an increase to weapon handling rating and reload speed.
      • Omnidyne-M – Provides an increase to maximum energy.
      • Astrek – Provides an increase to energy recharge rates.
      • Kisuton – Provides an increase to maximum ammunition.

Equipment rarities and effect upon item level.**Common (white) equipment will be equal strength to their item level.

      • Uncommon (green) equipment will be equal to an item five levels above their item level.
      • Rare (blue) equipment will be equal to an item ten levels above their item level.
      • Epic (purple) equipment will be equal to an item fifteen levels above their item level.
    • The Itemization blog can be found here.
  • Glider pads now instantly activate when the player presses the button, rather than requiring the player to place the pad then walk onto it.
  • LGVs and MGVs now instantly place the players on them when activated.
  • LGVs and MGVs now have standardized performance levels based upon quality.
  • Rare vehicles will have average or above average performance, Epic vehicles will have excellent performance.
  • Vehicle health will now scale based upon the player’s level.
  • Vehicles have received a tuning and physics pass. Vehicles now have stronger turning but can fishtail if turning sharply at a high speed.

Tinkering and ModulesEdit

  • Credit costs to remove modules from their slots have been significantly reduced.

Tinkering Edit


  • Modules can be combined through the Tinkering interface.
  • Combining a module with two other modules of the same color and tier will output a module of the next higher tier.
  • Combining two modules of the same tier but different colors will output a dual-stat module of the same tier. 
  • Combining the two different stat modules of the same color into a dual-stat module is not possible.

Upgrading Items

  • Players may upgrade a weapon, ability, or core up to 9 times.
  • Upgrading one of these items will add a modifier to the end of the item name, which indicates the number of times that item has been upgraded.
  • This will display as a +x suffix on the item name. As an example a player who has upgraded their Meteor Strike ability 5 times will display as Meteor Strike +5.
  • Each time the item is upgraded it will receive a base stat bonus.
  • Weapons will receive a base damage bonus and all weapon stats rating upgrade.
  • Abilities will receive an upgrade to all ability ratings.
  • Tinkering an item automatically binds that item to you.
  • Items can receive a critical upgrade which will add a gold star to the item.
  • Gold stars add extra stats to the item, the more gold stars the item has the stronger the items statistics.
  • Optional ingredients can be used to increase the chance to receive a gold star when upgrading.
  • If a player reaches maximum rank on an item but wishes to try and receive more gold stars on their item, they can reset the item’s rank.
  • Resetting the rank will reduce the +x stat bonus of the item to the amount of gold stars currently on the item.
  • Gold stars already on the item will not be lost.
  • Example: Resetting a +8 item that has 3 gold stars will result in a +3 item with 3 gold stars already on it, allowing more attempts to receive gold stars.
  • The blog on Tinkering and Modules can be found here.
  • Existing equipment and modules will need to be salvaged as noted in our Migration Guide.


  • Crafting has been temporarily disabled until the new crafting system becomes available in a future update. Any research points, Crystite and time spent on researching is refunded to the players. 
  • Thumping will not yield minerals until crafting is reintroduced, though pilots can thump nodes for Crystite.

New Player Experience Edit

  • The new player experience has been updated to better ease new players into Firefall.
  • New players will begin in the Battle Lab after they select their battleframe. In the Battle Lab, players will learn basic ground movement, how to fire their weapon, and how to jump and use jump jets.
  • Upon exiting the Battle Lab, players will be taken to Copacabana where they are given several tasks that teach them about the world, content, and systems up to level 10.

Instanced Content Edit

New core missions are now available up to level 40.

  • Everything is Shadow
  • Bathsheba
  • Crash Down (Epic)
  • Razorwind
  • No Exit
  • Safe House
  • Trespass
  • Catch of the Day
  • Taken
  • Off the Grid
  • Consequence
  • Prison Break (Epic)
  • Accelerate
  • Icebreaker (Epic)
  • Agrievan
  • Unearthed (Epic)
  • S.O.S.
  • Vagrant Dawn (Epic)
  • Gate Crasher
  • Razor’s Edge (Epic)

Epic Missions can now be played in Challenge mode and Hardcore mode.

  • Challenge mode is available at +3 levels from the mission’s default level requirement.
  • Hardcore mode is available at max level only.
  • Both modes are accessible at the Armored Dropship in Copacabana, Transhub, Thump Dump, or Sunken Harbor.
  • Players can also queue for these instances from the Looking for Group tool (Default hotkey: “K”).
  • Players will now enter the battle lab with their selected battleframe equipped instead of wearing a civilian outfit.

Defense of Dredge Edit

  • Players are now able to enter the Defense of Dredge, a 10 Player, level 40 raid mission which is accessible from any mission dropship. Team up with fellow ARES pilots to save the town of Dredge from the encroaching enemy forces.

Holdout: Jericho HoldoutEdit

  • In holdout players must defend a Melding Repulsor from waves of Chosen until the Repulsor is destroyed, everyone in the squad becomes incapacitated, or if the squad chooses to leave by using the dropship that arrives between rounds.
  • Each round gets progressively more difficult and squads are challenged to hold out for as many rounds as possible.
  • If a squad chooses to leave between rounds they will receive full rewards for the amount of waves they cleared during their holdout session.
  • If a squad fails they will receive half the reward they had accumulated during their holdout.
  • Holdout is available for squads of up to 5 players and only available at maximum level.
  • Holdout rewards Crystite, experience and modules.
  • The blog on Holdout can be found here.

Open World Edit

  • Points of Interest in Coral Forest and Sertao have received a visual update to accent their role in the world of Firefall. Areas that have been updated are:
  • Copacabana
  • Trans-Hub
  • Nutretic
  • Fortaleza Antigua
  • Empire Macarthur
  • Dredge
  • The Nest
  • Tecumseh Airbase
  • F.O.B. Sagan

Coral Forest and Sertao JobsEdit

  • The ARES jobs across Coral Forest and Sertao have been updated with new locations as well as adding one new objective types and updating another objective type:
  • Area Collect – Players must defeat enemies until an object is dropped on the ground, this object will function similarly to the crashed thumper parts. Players must pick up the part and deliver it to a set location to complete this job type.
  • Area NPC Push – Players must escort an NPC through dangerous territory. The NPC will only continue to move as long as players are close by and will stop and either cower or fight when enemies appear.
  • Please note: At this point in time the NPCs will be unable to be damaged or killed. This may be reviewed or changed in the future.
  • Obstacles that players can use for cover have been placed in all regular combat spaces in the open world.
  • Several bandit outposts have been added to the open world. These provide a consistent amount of bandits in a single area and are largely used for ARES Jobs.

Open World Jobs Edit

  • Moving forward players will receive jobs directly from NPCs instead of job boards.
  • When a new job is available players will see a yellow ARES icon on their map which indicates the location of the NPC who starts the job.
  • Upon completion each individual ARES job will have a short cooldown before it can be accepted again (if it is a repeatable job).
  • A purple ARES icon is displayed when a repeatable job is available that the player has already completed previously.
  • A grey ARES icon will appear when a mission is unavailable due to job being on cooldown or the player not having attained a high enough level to accept the job.
  • ARES mission spawn locations have been adjusted, meaning that the same amount of content is available but will spawn in fewer overall locations.

Encounters Edit

  • Some wandering encounters have had variations added to them.
  • Bandit Caches in Sertao can now spawn as Chosen Caches.
  • Bandit Campfires in Sertao can now spawn as Chosen Camps.
  • Bandit Campfires in Sertao can now spawn as Bug Nest variations.
  • Crossfire events can now spawn as Bandits or Chosen vs. local creatures in both Sertao and Coral Forest.
  • Firefight events now have a chance to spawn as Accord vs. local creatures in both Sertao and Coral Forest.
  • The wounded tanken event will now always result in players fighting Big Brother for their reward.
  • The Brontodon King will now return to his spawn location if he wanders too far away from it.
  • The Brontodon King is now level 28 with level 28 rewards. 
  • Added a spawn point to the motor pool North of Copacabana.
  • Players who are defeated during the glider training outside of Copacabana will now respawn near the glider pad.

Skydock Edit

  • The Skydock event has been significantly changed towards becoming a more inclusive, zone-wide event. Its current iteration is now more representative of its narrative importance: supplying the Chosen warfront.
  • Rather than starting after a random length cooldown, the Skydock facility must be supplied by completing Accord Thumper events. After it is fully supplied, the Chosen will attack the Skydock facility. The Skydock supply percentage can be observed in the activity log while near the Skydock facility and Watchtowers.
  • Accord Thumper events occur near certain Watchtowers while the tower is controlled by players. Accord Thumper events have a short warmup period while the Thumper is reloaded and targeted, allowing some time for players to rally at the Thumper.
  • Rare rewards from completing the Skydock event are also available via Skydock Supply Officers at thumping Watchtowers once players have earned enough reputation with the Skydock Command faction.
  • Skydock Supply Officers also sell Accord Thumper Beacons, which allow players to jump start an Accord Thumper event and skip its warmup period.

Orbital Comm Tower Edit

  • OCT has received some updates which include the following:
  • Spawns in the satellite guard and drop pod waves have been balanced and tuned to use the proper spawning mechanics (as a result, new Chosen mobs are present!)
  • The event tracker has been modified to be more condensed and to improve clarity of the current satellite states.
  • If all three satellites are activated, even if target has not been locked, the event timer will pause. This will prevent the situation where the event timer will expire even if the satellites are nearing target lock.
  • Added support for the bounty system.
  • New Treasure Phase:
  • After completing OCT players will be awarded with special single use gliders. These gliders allow players to scan the forest and deserts of Sertao for hidden artifacts, salvage and other valuables which are located in Treasure Caches.
  • Treasure Caches contain data fragments which can be turned in at OCT for OCT specific rewards or to vendors at the Corporation Headquarters for corporation reputation.

Bounties Edit

  • Access the bounty interface by pressing the "H" button and selecting "bounties" from the categories on the left or by going to the Dashboard and selecting Activities - Bounties.
  • There are three categories of bounties "Quick, Daily and Weekly".
  • Quick – Players are provided with a list of three objectives which upon completion will grant small rewards. Quick bounties are able to be completed via regular gameplay actions.
  • Examples of Quick Bounties: Kill X Creatures, Travel X distance on a LGV, Perform X critical hits, etc.
  • Daily – Players are provided with a list of five specific objectives which reset at 00:00 UTC each day. These objectives will be more involved than the Quick Bounties and can require specific activities.
  • Examples of Daily Bounties: Finish X thumping runs, Complete X wandering encounters, Earn X Crystite, etc.
  • Weekly – Players will receive a list of three large objectives to complete during their week of gameplay with new objectives offered at 00:00 UTC Tuesdays.
  • Examples of Weekly Bounties: Complete X ARES Missions, Complete X Daily Bounties, Kill X Enemies (higher amounts than daily or quick).
  • The blog on Bounties can be found here.

Objectives and RewardsEdit

  • Players will receive rewards which are tailored to their level and based on the amount of time estimated to complete specific objectives. In this scenario Weekly Bounty rewards will be much larger than Quick Bounty rewards.
  • Some rewards will only be available via the Bounty system.
  • Rewards can vary from Crystite, to modules, equipment upgrade parts or even a special gold box with bounty system exclusive rewards!
  • It is important to note that each player will have their own individual daily goals which will keep players a bit spread out to avoid congestion in specific hunting/mission areas.
  • If a player wants to reroll their current bounty goals, they can spend a small amount of red beans to reroll their objectives.

User Interface Edit

  • Army application messages are now limited to 255 characters.
  • A new equipment slot has been added to the user interface which allows players to hotkey their preferred glider and vehicle.

Character Select Screen Edit

  • Players will now be able to view a list of all their available characters.
  • The character select screen displays the player’s character, character name, level and selected battleframe.
  • Allows players to manage their characters and character slots, including creation, deletion and restoring deleted characters.
  • Deleted characters over level 10 will remain in the character slot for 7 days, allowing players to restore the character if they change their mind. After 7 days the character will be permanently deleted.
  • A tracker is displayed on the right hand side with the latest community news and login alerts.
  • New two-tone hair colors are now available in the New You.

Daily Login Rewards Edit

  • Each day players are given a daily login reward. Past, current, and upcoming daily login rewards can be viewed from the Dashboard (Default “K”).
  • Additional rewards are provided for consecutive daily login streaks.

Dashboard Edit

  • The in-game Dashboard has been retooled and gives access to various functions:
    • Displays VIP Status
    • Displays amount of friends online
    • Home
    • Used to claim timed playtime rewards
    • Display Red Bean Store items
    • Display events
    • Activities
      • Select from the battleframes you have unlocked for a role to define when choosing activities.
    • Bounties
      • Displays current active bounties.
      • Join other players working on group bounties.
      • Displays bounty point progress bar for rewards and claim rewards.
    • Looking for Group
      • Random
        • Queue for random Hardcore or Challenge content.
        • Earn a bonus reward for queueing for a random group.
  • 5 Man
    • Select specific instanced content to queue for.
  • PvP
    • Queue for a PvP match.
  • Campaign
    • Queue for available Campaign Missions.
  • Events
    • Queue for any available special events that are occurring.
  • Squad Builder
    • Form a squad or search for other squads to participate in content as specified by the squad leader.
  • Red Bean Store
  • Access the Red Bean Store
  • Login Rewards
    • View the Login Rewards screen.

Lockboxes Edit

  • Lockboxes can now be obtained from rewards screens. 
  • There are four different types of lockboxes:
    • Weapon Lockbox
    • Ability Lockbox
    • Armor Lockbox
    • Module Lockbox
  • Lockboxes can be opened using lockbox keys which are earned via gameplay rewards, elite ranks, or by purchasing a key from the Red Bean store. When earned via normal gameplay, players will obtain lockbox key fragments which can be combined into a full-sized key.
  • Opening a lockbox awards the player with Crystite, a small amount of experience and an Uncommon (Green) item of the specified lockbox type or a cache containing an item of a higher quality.
  • Example: After opening a Weapon Lockbox the player receives Crystite, experience and a “Rare Weapons Cache”. The Rare Weapons Cache does not require a key and can be opened immediately to receive a rare quality weapon (or an epic weapon cache).
  • This means when a lockbox is opened the player has a chance to receive a rare cache, then an epic cache with the possibility of containing a “Treasure Cache” which will award guaranteed legendary item fragments.

Red Bean Store Edit

  • New warpaints are available for purchase:
    • Selene
    • Endymion
    • Rosemary
    • Smoke
    • Menace
    • Black Widow
    • Serenade
    • Temptation
  • New cosmetics are available for purchase:
    • Gold Cigar
    • Rising Star Crown
    • Forest Hunter
    • Eviljaw Skull Helmet
    • Blood Oath
    • The Atrahasis
    • Mesh Bunny Ears
  • Vehicle rentals are available for 3 day, 7 day, and 30 day time periods:
    • Cobra R-54 LGV
    • Vapor LGV
    • Cheetah Model S LGV
    • Omnidyne-M LGV
    • (NEW) Accord A-10 Mamba LGV
    • Snowsquall MGV
    • Players that own permanent vehicles retain them as permanent vehicles.
  • Glider pad rentals are available for 3 day, 7 day, and 30 day time periods:
    • Royal Glider Pad
    • Quicksilver Glider Pad
    • Dusk Glider Pad
    • Sunrise Glider Pad
    • Reusable Jump Pad
    • Reusable Hover Pad
    • Players that own permanent glider pads retain them as permanent glider pads.
  • Pets
    • Panda 
    • Harpy
  • Boosts
    • 50% XP Boost – 1 hour duration
    • 50% Reputation Boost – 1 hour duration
    • Combat Enhancer – 1 hour duration
      • 10% damage reduction
      • Bonus does not apply while in Arena PvP
    • Speed Enhancer – 1 hour duration
      • 5% movement speed
      • Bonus does not apply while in Arena PvP
    • Ultimate Enhancer – 1 hour duration
      • 25% ultimate recovery speed
      • Bonus does not apply while in Arena PvP
    • The Skylord – 1 hour duration
      • 30% jet energy
      • Bonus does not apply while in Arena PvP
  • Emotes
    • /fingerwag
    • /sleep
    • /cutthroat
    • /sad
  • Consumables
    • Security Key
    • Popup Drop: Omnidyne-M Fleet Calldown
      • Call in a beacon for an event all players on a shard can enjoy. For the duration an Accord Dropship will drop crates from the sky that award small amounts of Crystite when destroyed. Interact with the beacon to borrow the all-new Omnidyne-M MGV for limited use.
    • SIN Speaker
    • SIN Messenger
    • Tinker’s Tools
    • Large Experience Pack
    • Massive Experience Pack
    • The cost of a Perk Respec has changed to 2 Red Beans
    • Players now get a free Perk Respec daily
  • Decal
    • Cute Bunny
    • Panda

Graphics Edit

  • Added Blob shadows to all characters except dropships. These shadows help players determine their current height and orientation to the ground beneath them.
  • Memory
  • Optimized memory, especially in busy areas to improve overall performance.
  • Performance
  • Virtual textures are now more responsive. Textures load in a lot faster from local cache, e.g. when you turn around quickly, during character select or in SINvironment.
  • Bigger performance improvement in cities, especially with many animated props and monster props.
  • Some performance improvements when loading into a new zone (removed inefficiencies in audio and visual effects code).
  • Improved performance of weapon and ability visual effects.

Audio Edit

  • Dramatically revised mix to leverage high dynamic range. Now in moments of quiet, jumpjets, footsteps, and other foley are more forward in the mix, but when the player gets into combat, combat-related audio such as player weapon fire, remote weapon fire, and projectile impacts move to the foreground.
  • Fixed a code issue that low-passed projectile impacts and any audio emitting from tiny objects, which restored a large amount of punch to those sounds (like grenades and explosions).
  • Overhauled the reverb system so that the reverberation accurately reflects the environment players are in.
  • Revised and reviewed NPC and creature vocalizations so that they are all hooked up to play the correct audio in combat. Brought the vocalizations forward in the mix so they are easily discernible in combat. 
  • Hooked up new sounds for NPC and creature gibbing.
  • Brought player vocalizations forward in the mix to give players more connection to their avatars.
  • Balanced weapon audio so all weapons occupy the same level in the mix.
  • Made a detailed mix pass on the NPE, clarifying the mix. This included revising Vorgoth voice over so that it is more intelligible, reducing dropship fly-in levels, and fixing various bugs in the NPE.
  • Made numerous revisions to ambient audio. Also replaced all box emitters in Coral Forest with sphere emitters because of a code issue that was preventing box emitters from working properly.
  • Revised LGV audio so that the experience of driving the LGV is more engaging.
  • Revised NPE and mission music so that transitions are smoother and volumes are balanced.
  • Updated the firing sound effects for multiple weapons so that they feel more empowering. 
  • Updated gun foley sounds to better match changes in reload speed and for the player going into and out of iron sights. 

General Edit

  • Changed day-night-cycle to be 75% day and 25% night.
  • French and German localizations are temporarily disabled as the team continues to localize all of the new strings. Text localization for these languages will be contained in a patch estimated to be released one week following the 1.6 Update.

Patch 1.6.1934, also known as Update 1.6 - Status Update #2:

PvE Battleframes and Combat

  • Camera jerking during weapon fire has been removed (this change applies to PvP weapons as well).
  • Hurricane now fires the correct number of rockets.
  • Perks that reduce ability cooldowns now provide a 10% cooldown reduction.
  • The third person carry animation for the Assault Rifle is no longer always stuck in the aim down sights animation.
  • The third person carry animation for the Burst Rifle is no longer always stuck in the aim down sights animation.
  • The third person carry animation for the SMG is no longer stuck in the aim down sights animation.
  • The Combat Shotgun from the Arsenal compensation package no longer deals damage to friendlies.
  • The Combat Shotgun from the Arsenal compensation package has been rebalanced to compete with damage levels of equivalent secondaries (damage has been doubled).


  • When using Meteor Strike the character is no longer stuck in the ability’s animation when bouncing off angled terrain.
  • Meteor Strike can now hit enemies in mid-air.
  • Meteor Strike now has a targeting reticle.
  • The Phason Thrower (Firecat) base critical bonus damage has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • The Phason Thrower (Firecat) average damage per second has been increased by 5%.


  • The third person carry animation of the BioRifle (Dragonfly) is no longer stuck in the aim down sights animation.
  • The Smart Blaster (Accord) now only consumes 1 ammo per shot, reduced from 5. The base magazine size has been reduced from 20 to 10. The net result of this change is shots between reloads are increased from 4 to 10.
  • The Bolt Driver (Recluse) base critical damage has been increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Poison Ball’s description had a typo and has been corrected.
  • Adrenaline Rush has a new icon.
  • Heroism has a new icon.


  • The Photon Lance (Rhino) base critical bonus damage has been reduced from 30% to 20%.


  • The Shock Rail (Electron) base critical bonus damage has been increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Heavy Turret’s (Accord) health now decays at a slightly slower rate.
  • Multi-Turret’s (Bastion) health now decays at a much slower rate.


  • Marksman Rifle (Accord) average damage per second has been increased by approximately 10%.
  • Marksman Rifle (Accord) base critical damage bonus has been increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Marksman Rifle (Accord) base accuracy has been significantly improved.
  • Charge Rifle (Raptor) base critical damage has been increased from 30% to 40%.
  • Sniper Rifle (Nighthawk) base damage was less than half of what it should have been and should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.
  • Sniper Rifle (Nighthawk) base critical damage has been increased from 30% to 50%.
  • Sniper Rifle (Nighthawk) base magazine size has been increased from 5 to 10.
  • Sniper Rifle (Nighthawk) base maximum ammunition capacity has been increased from 40 to 80.


  • XP Packs can now be used at level cap to earn Elite Ranks as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not view or use the Pilot XP Packs granted in place of Pilot Tokens.
  • Fixed an issue where players with advanced battleframes could not progress past Prison Break in the story line.
  • Fixed an issue where a job near FOB Sagan was spawning Chosen Darkslips that would not despawn. This was also the cause of player/enemy rendering distance problems in that area. (deployed server-side last night)
  • Fixed an issue where multiple map markers would be placed and remain in the world when using the Omnidyne-M Vehicle Fleet calldown.
  • Fixed a bug where the Omnidyne-M Vehicle Fleet calldown would spawn additional vehicle terminals.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to receive squad invites while in different zones.
  • Fixed an exploit with Chosen Relic Clusters.
  • Hardcore difficulty mission completions now always correctly grant level 40 rewards as opposed to level 45 rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where opening inventory and hovering over an item during the mission Crash Down would cause the game client to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where some bound items are being displayed in the sell tab on the Marketplace (they were not able to be listed).
  • Fixed an issue in the lockbox portion of the New Player Experience that would result in the lockbox being hidden if proper inventory filters were not set.
  • Fixed a bug where perks could be locked in multiple times without change, consuming respecs.
  • Fixed a bug where Ability Recharge bonus unlocks from Elite Ranks was not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Ability durations were not showing on ability icons.
  • Fixed a bug where mines from the Bastion’s Mine Launcher would spawn excessive particles for visual effects, causing massive performance problems when several were deployed and repairing.
  • Fixed a bug where the Rotary Cannon and Photon Lance would not play audio when pre-spinning the weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where ability stats would incorrectly be populated into the paperdoll stats.
  • Fixed a bug where the required level would be shown twice in tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where the Elite Ranks symbol would appear on top of tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where the Jetball waypoint would appear in the open world after leaving PvP from the requeue screen.
  • Fixed a bug where PvP Ranks was using the incorrect value for the required points for the next level.
  • Fixed a bug where the PvP abandon timer was incorrectly displaying the seconds value in milliseconds. The correct value is now shown for PvP abandons.
  • Fixed a bug where the Jetball location would not update immediately after a goal is scored.
  • Fixed a crash in our matchmaker causing players to not get into Jetball matches.
  • Fixed a crash in the Jetball encounter.
  • Fixed encounter crashes that were occurring with the Coral Forest SIN Towers.
  • Fixed 9 different encounter crashes among the three operations.
  • Fixed 19 different encounter crashes among several instanced story missions.
  • Fixed encounter crashes for encounters spawning in the open world.
  • Fixed several encounter crashes for the New Player Experience.

Patch 1.6.1940, also known as Update 1.6 - Status Update #4:


  • French and German text localizations are now available.

PvE Battleframes & Combat

  • The Arsenal Combat Shotgun now has module slots.
  • The Arsenal Combat Shotgun model has been updated.


  • Thermal Wave’s base range has been increased from 15 to 30 meters.
  • Thermal Wave now has a slightly wider cone of effect.
  • Improvements were made to Thermal Wave’s visual effects.


  • The speed of Pulsar’s projectile has been increased by approximately 50%.
  • Supercharge has been changed to make the ability more appealing. The ultimate still grants increased movement speed and unlimited energy for its duration.
    • Superchrage no longer reduces the cooldown of other on-cooldown abilities.
    • Supercharge’s base duration has been increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
    • While Supercharge is active, it modifies the other Tigerclaw abilities:
      • Supercharged Pulsar gains the effect of a gravity field that pulls enemies into the pulsar when it is on the ground or attached to an enemy.
      • Supercharged Hellfire fires twice as many missiles as Hellfire over the same duration.


  • Creeping Death can be modified by the effect radius statistic.
  • Creeping Death’s radius grows over the duration of the ability.
  • Creeping Death’s damage has been significantly increased.


  • The primary weapon of the Bastion, the Mine Launcher, has been redesigned:
    • Primary fire (left click) deploys arc mines that will fire a beam at nearby enemies, damaging them over time.
    • Alternate fire (right click) deploys repair mines that will repair nearby deployables, alternating between the deployables that need repairs the most.
    • Mines last for 20 seconds and cannot be attacked or destroyed by enemies.
    • The amount of mines (either damaging or repairing) that a Bastion can have out at a time is determined and modified by their equipped Mine Launcher’s magazine size.
    • The range of the mines is modifiable by the weapon range statistic.
    • Swapping to a secondary weapon causes any mines that are out at the time to deactivate. The mines will reactivate once the Bastion swaps back to the Mine Launcher.
    • Known issue: The Mine Launcher reward from Defense of Dredge is currently not working properly.
  • The decay rate of Deployable Shield has been slowed significantly.
  • The maximum shield health of Deployable Shield has been slightly increased.


  • Players should now be able to mail items between characters on the same account without the three day restriction.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the Nighthawk’s Sniper Rifle would occasionally deal no damage when striking an enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where Bulwark could cause the Electron to become invulnerable.
  • Fixed a bug where the Hardware Genius perk was not dealing increased damage against machines.

Elite Ranks

  • Bonuses to weapon rate of fire now function properly.
  • Bonuses to weapon charge up rating now function properly.
  • Bonuses to weapon spread rating now function properly.
  • Bonuses to ability recharge rating now function properly.
  • Elite Ranks should no longer offer battleframes to players that already have them unlocked.


  • A potential fix for the issue where players are stuck in a “Waiting for Server” state when queueing for instances has been deployed.
  • Hardcore Operations now correctly award level 40 rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where a squad dying following the completion of Defense of Dredge would restart the raid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Bathsheba mission where players could interact with turret placement areas and place turrets after they had been rewarded, resulting in an encounter crash.
  • Fixed encounter crashes within the epic Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed a bug where players could receive a level 1 item as a reward from completing Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the voice over would begin to play before players were loaded into Vagrant Dawn.
  • Fixed a bug in the mission Catch of the Day where the boss fight would not complete if the boss is stunned before the second wave of enemies spawns.
  • Fixed an encounter issue with the mission Fisher of Chosen.
  • Fixed some issues with the Crash Down mission.
  • Fixed some issues with the Accelerate mission.


  • Fixed a bug where attempting to combine fragments for legendary items would result in the fragments becoming consumed but the appropriate part is not given to the player in return. It should now be safe to combine your fragments for your legendaries.


  • Fixed a bug where players could not apply to join a squad in the Squad Builder if the applicant is level 40.
  • Fixed a bug where players with EyeFinity configurations could not interact with interfaces.
  • Fixed a bug where shotgun weapons would use the incorrect reticle by default.
  • Fixed a bug where the north marker was not displayed on the minimap.


  • Fixed a bug with the calm state animation on female characters.
  • The radar ping now is correctly defaulted to “off”. This can be changed by navigating to the following: Options -> Audio -> Radar Ping
  • Fixed a bug where players could not be invited to squads (deployed server-side earlier).
  • Fixed an issue where voice over would not play for some ARES Jobs.

Patch 1.6.1942, also known as Update 1.6 - Status Update #5:


  • Hardcore Operations should now award epic or prototype equipment upon completion.
  • A new script to restore old modules that were slotted in equipment prior to Update 1.6 is being run. Players should receive the full amount of modules upon login*.
  • Upon login*, players should find one crate of epic equipment per Scorcher, Demolition, Draconis, or Bane Chitin core owned prior to Update 1.6.
    • Each crate grants an epic of each of the following items: Grenade, Medical System, Operating System, Head, Torso, Reactor, Arms, and Legs.
    • Crates are weightless until opened.
  • Upon login*, players should find two Titan Tokens per Kanaloa weapon owned prior to Update 1.6.
    • Any remaining Kanaloa primary weapons will still salvage for one Titan Token.
    • It is very strongly recommended that players purchase items with Titan Tokens to bring themselves below the Token cap (8) before salvaging any remaining Kanaloa primary weapons.
  • Updates were made to the way zone transfer logic works. The result should be that players should not experience issues with transferring to different zones such as using /joinleader or joining and leaving instances.

* For service performance reasons we have to move the "Give You Stuff Script 2.0" to put people in a queue on login. What will happen is that once you log in, you will be put in a queue, and we will have a "worker" going through the queue at its pace granting players their items. You will be granted your items whether you are online or offline, your place in queue will totally depend on your first login after the queue is implemented.

Bug Fixes

Open World

  • Fixed a bug where Nian would not attack some players.
  • Fixed some encounter crashes with Nian.
  • Nian's difficulty should now properly scale based on the amount of players participating in the event.
  • Fixed a bug with escort missions near FOB Sagan where ambushes would spawn but the encounter would not get cleaned up.
  • NPCs and pets should no longer gain the effect from Relic Glider Pads.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in mouse mode after a tutorial popup upon completion of the Trespass mission.
  • Fixed a terrain issue nearby The Nest where players could not leave the alcove by normal means.
  • Fixed an issue where Accord Thumper encounters would not properly display a timer.


  • Fixed an encounter crash caused by Tarantus and Aliyan in S.O.S.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies were not leaving spawn closets in S.O.S.
  • Fixed a bug where S.O.S. would always grant first time rewards.
  • Fixed a bug with enemy deployables in the Agrevian mission.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use Power Override Terminals in the Boss room during Gatecrasher (hotfixed earlier this week).
  • Fixed an encounter crash on the final island in Operation Hightide.
  • Fixed a bug where encounters would crash following a restart of Operation Miru due to a party wipe.
  • Fixed a bug where a miniboss encounter would crash if a player logged out prior to engagement during Operation ARES Team.
  • Fixed a bug where a group larger than five players was able to enter the Bathsheba mission.
  • Fixed some encounter crashes within the Unearthed mission.
  • Fixed an encounter crash with Vagrant Dawn.
  • Jericho should now award items of the appropriate level.
  • Fixed an encounter crash with the vents in Defense of Dredge.
  • The Defense of Dredge encounter now properly awards a Titan Token upon first completion of the week.
  • The main encounter rewards for Defense of Dredge now has a one week lockout as intended. The rewards chest does not have a lockout or limitation.


  • Fixed a bug where standing directly in front of an object would affect aiming.
  • Fixed an issue where armies with special characters in their names or tags would not appear in search results.
  • Fixed a bug where the clip of the Biotech's weapon would float in the air while reloading.
  • Players should no longer be missing perks caused by the progression migration.
  • The Extinguisher perk now properly displays a description.
  • Fixed an issue with warpaints displaying incorrectly on the Tigerclaw.
  • Fixed a bug where certain warpaints could not be purchased.
  • The Nian Jr pet should now properly follow its owner.
  • The Brinewyrm pet should now properly follow its owner.

Patch 1.6.1946:

General Edit

  • Five new cosmetics are now available in the Red Bean store for PvP Battle Tokens. PvP Battle Tokens are earned by playing Jetball.

Battleframes and Combat Edit

  • Creeping Death now has a fixed range. There was a bug where the radius was not actually increasing and only damaging enemies within 1 meter of its point of origin. The decision was made to give it a fixed range so it may deal its damage at its full area of effect immediately.

Open World Edit

  • Reduced the maximum number of wandering encounters in Sertao, but increased their spawn rate.
  • Reduced the amount of ambient NPCs that are spawned in Sertao
    • Note: Both of these actions were taken to reduce NPC counts in the world at a time which should reduce the issues with critical NPCs not spawning (ex. NPCs related to ARES Job objectives).

Bug Fixes Edit

Battleframes and Combat Edit

  • Fixed a bug where the Bastion's Mine Launcher was not repairing Deployable Shield.
  • Fixed a bug where the Arcing Bolts perk was doing too little damage.
  • Sure Shot should now appropriately increase rate of fire (it was previously decreasing rate of fire).
  • Invigorate should now appropriately increase rate of fire (it was previously decreasing rate of fire).

Open World Edit

  • Fixed a crash with the Flight Recorder ARES Job at FOB Sagan.
  • Fixed a crash with the Treasure Hunt portion of the Orbital Comm. Tower encounter.
  • Fixed an encounter crash with the escort step of the Modern Medicine ARES Job in Tecumseh.
  • Fixed an encounter crash with Skydock.
  • Fixed a spawn issue with the ARES Job boss in the Black Hills Fortress (Northern Shores).
  • Fixed a bug where Yuki Lin would not respawn after being killed. Yuki Lin is now immortal.
  • Players should now be able to fully complete the SINless ARES Job required for the story line (fixed server-side Feb. 19th)
  • Fixed a bug where the Easy Rider bounty would not properly track if the player received the bounty while already in a vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug where Bounties would continue to track progress but not complete.

Instances and PvP Edit

Jetball Edit

  • Fixed crashes with the Jetball encounter.
  • Kill stats should now be tracked in Jetball (rank points were awarded but the stat was not updated).

Icebreaker Edit

  • Fixed an encounter crash within Icebreaker.

Operation High Tide Edit

  • Fixed an issue where skivers and Reapers continued to spawn after their respective 8th waves.
  • Fixed some issues with the rally point on the final island in Operation High Tide
  • Increased the duration of the water delay in the High Tide alternate path. This path should now be feasible for groups of two players.

Defense of Dredge Edit

  • Fixed a crash with the vents encounter in Defense of Dredge.

Cosmetics and Consumables Edit

  • Security Keys should now be able to be purchased in 30x quantities.
  • Fixed a display issue with the Hotshot Bodysuit Pattern in the Paint Shop.
  • The Accord Headset ear gear is free in the New You once again. This may fix the "Insufficient Funds" error some people were experiencing.

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