Undying Sun is a Prototype Chassis of Legendary quality introduced in Update 1.6. It starts at level 30 and can be tinkered up to level 50 in 5 level steps (30 - 35 - 40 - 45 - 50), consuming one Fusion Core and one Power Matrix for each 5 levels upgrade[1].

In Game Description/Status Edit

  • When you drop below 25% of your maximum health, you explode with a burst of energy that knocks nearby enemies away, while healing you back to maximum health.
  • This healing gives you extreme resistance to all incoming damage, which diminishes each second, ultil your damage resistance is back to normal after 10 seconds.
  • Internal Cooldown: 5 minutes.
  • The scientists all scratched their heads, baffled. "I think it's made of star", one says.

Status: Edit

Level 30 35 40 45 50
Regeneration increased by 20% ? 24% ? ?
Health 4891 ? 9760 ? ?
Item level 50 ? 60 ? ?

Components Required Edit

  • 1x Fusion Core (50x Fusion Fragments)
  • 1x Inconceivable Element (50x Elemental Fragments)
  • 1x Indestructible Matrix (50x Matrix Fragments)
  • 1x Stasis Generator (50x Stasis Fragments)
  • 1x Supercharged Capacitor (50x Supercharged Fragments)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As of update 1.6.1940, Unobtanium Strut's description listed it as a component to create the Legendary Undying Sun Chassis instead of Inconceivable Element. Red5 Developer Cloudchaser informed Unobtanium Strut should be the correct element, and it will be changed so in the next patch[4].
  • The passive will only activate if you drop below 25% health without dying. For example, a hit from a chosen sniper may reduce your health to zero without triggering the healing.
  • The tinkering costs for the Undying Sun increase when it is upgraded, therefore it is recommended that all tinkering be done before upgrading[5].

Reference Edit


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