Tokens are special in game currencies awarded for completing specific missions. They cannot be purchased, neither from real money nor regular in game currencies like Crystite, Credits or Red Beans.

Campaign Token Edit

Accord Campaign Token Icon

The first time each day that you complete an Instanced Campaign Mission or Operation on hardcore difficulty, you receive a Campaign Token. They can be exchanged for Rare Weapons, Uncommon modules or special items in the following vendors:

Campaign Tokens were migrated in full from Update 1.3 to Update 1.6, but from 1.6 on, you can only have up to 20 Campaign Tokens at any given time. If you had more than 20 before the migration, you won't be able to earn more until you're bellow the 20 tokens mark[1].


Titan Token Edit

Titan Token Icon

Titan Token is a Token rewarded for completing Defense of Dredge raid. They can be exchanged for Epic Weapons and Equipment at Requisition Officer Bower, located in Dredge, Sertao. A cap of 8 Titan Tokens is currently being enforced.

During migration to Update 1.6, Kanaloa Primary Weapons were converted into 3 Titan Tokens, while Kanaloa Secondary Weapons were converted into 2 Titan Tokens, regardless of rarity/level. Due to migration, players may have gone over the cap, but also won't be able to earn more while having 8 or more Titan Tokens.

Chosen War Relic Edit

Chosen War Relic Icon
Chosen War Relic is a Token obtained by uncovering Relic Caches [1] using the 1-Use Relic Hunt Glider Pad, which is a reward for completing OCT event in Sertao. They can be traded for Corporation prefixed equipment caches, costing between 20 and 100 Relics depending on it's rarity, or a 500 reputation boost the vendor's Corporation at the following NPCs:

Tip: An addon called Treasure Hunter is of great help while searching for Relics.

Module Credit Edit

Module Credit cannot be obtained in game, and is a Token awarded as compensation for old modules during migration to Update 1.6. It can be used to purchase Mk.1, Mk.3, Mk.5 and Mk.7 basic modules. Read more about costs and modules available here.

Candy Token Edit

Candy Token is only available to be earned and spent during the Night of the Melding event, which takes place during Halloween. A maximum of 14 tokens can be earned every year, and rewards include:

  • “Melded Pumpkin” Decal;
  • Spectral Warpaint;
  • Pinhead Mask;
  • “Ghostly Rider” Mask;
  • “Headless Horseman” Pet;
  • Pumpkin Candy consumable;
  • 1000 Credits and Trickster perk upon completing the daily mission 9 times.

Retired Tokens Edit

During migration to Update 1.6, the following Tokens were discontinued and converted as follows[2]:

Vending Tokens Edit

  • Copper and Silver Vending Tokens: a sum of Crystite.
  • Gold Vending Token: 6 Security Keys each.
  • Red Bean Reward Token: 1 Security Key each.

Pilot Token Edit

Pilot License Edit

Trivia Edit

  • After migration from Patch 1.3 to 1.6, salvaging Kanaloa Primary Weapons were supposed to grant 3 Titan Tokens, but as the result of a bug, it grants only one, while Secondary weapons grants none[3]. A Script was to be run in February 2016, granting 2 Extra Titan Tokens per Kanaloa weapon (regardless of rarity/difficulty)[4]. An error in said script granted only half of the intended Titan Tokens for the first ~70 people, and were also to be fixed at a further time[5].
  • After being introduced in Update 1.6, Defense of Dredge raid failed to grant 1 Titan Token, granting a Campaign Token instead[6]. This was fixed in v1.6.1942, when a weekly lockout were also introduced[7].

Reference Edit


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