Supply Station Supply Station
Class Engineer
Base Healing

59 - 1332

Base Health

117 - 2665





Supply Station is the third ability available to the Accord Engineer battleframe, unlocked at level 9. It may also be used by the Bastion and Electron advanced engineer battleframe variants.

Supply Station is a deployable which provides health and ammo when you stand over it.

As with all abilities, Overcharge may have Prefixes, be slotted with Modules and is affected by some Perks and Elite Ranks upgrades.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Deploy a Supply Station which automatically generates health and ammunition powerups.

This deployable will slowly lose health over time at a rate derived from its Duration, but can be repaired by an Engineer.

ARES Supply OfficersEdit

Supply Station can be bought at the following vendors using crystite:

Name Location Rarity Level
Supply Officer Hooker Thump Dump (-1729, -1323) Rare 16
Supply Officer Jabs Sunken Harbour (689, -1499) Rare 26
Supply Officer Schwartz Andreev Station (710, 408) Rare 33

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