Sertao is a dry canyon that primarily is used for harvesting crystite, and in the bordering alpine region is home to

an Accord base and a few corporate research interests. With roots in crystite harvesting, the present-day Sertao suffers from dwindling crystite resources, a "wild-west" type of

WORK IN PROGRESS Contact user "Metalsand" for any questions or concerns.

Locations Edit

Job boards Edit

Dredge (L25-27)

Andreev Station (L28-29)

The Nest (L30)

Orbital Comm Tower (L31-32)

Forward Operating Base Sagan (L31-32)

Lab 16 (L33-34)

Tecumseh Airbase (L35-36)

Regional Locations Edit

Smokestack Desert

Redwood Forest

Sea of Dunes

Orbital Comm Tower

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