Requisition Officer Bowen is a vendor NPC who trades Titan Tokens (CT) into epic maximum level Reactors, Operating Systems and Melding Ammunition Primary Weapons.

Location Edit

  • Currently, Bowen can only be found at Dredge, Sertao (483, -1035):
Requisition Officer Bown Location - Sertao

Items for Sale Edit



Dense Crystite Capacitor 3 All
Repleting Dense Crystite Core 3 All
Smartmark Cybertrack 3 All
VMBx8 OS 3 All
Prophet 3 Bastion
Pale Horse 3 Nighthawk
Nergal 3 Firecat
Orcus 3 Dragonfly
Deathhammer 3 Tigerclaw
Hand of Venin 3 Rhino
Scale of Justice 3 Electron
Red Horse 3 Mammoth
Finger of Death 3 Raptor
Pestilence 3 Recluse

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