Astrek’s stint in the spotlight continues with their take on an offensive Biotech frame, the Recluse.

Replacing the customary healing elements with deadly toxins, this battleframe packs a punch not easily shrugged off by even the strongest opponents. The Recluse’s combination of area of effect abilities, damage over time debuffs, and a versatile primary weapon allows it to excel against any number of enemies.

Lore Edit

The Astrek Association’s “Recluse” Biotech battleframe takes the concept of combat medic and twists it into a biological weapon. Life-giving medical gasses are replaced with dangerous toxins, turning this lightly-armored battleframe into a potent and powerful combatant.

Abilities Edit

Example Abilities: Necrosis

The Recluse has been gutted of any medical technology, and replaced with chemical and biological weaponry which can incapacitate an enemy in short order. Of course, like all advanced battle frames, the Recluse can equip the abilities of its parent frame, in this case Biotech.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Necrotic Poison - Edit

When the Recluse deals damage with an ability or its primary weapon's alternate fire, the enemy will become poisoned. The poison deals damage each second and can be reapplied by hitting an enemy with the Recluse's primary fire.

Creeping Death - Edit

Delivered via the Recluse’s BioCrossbow, this is a special projectile that will release a large cloud of poisonous gas when detonated. This cloud grows after impact, and can cripple enemies caught within.

Evacuate - Edit

Launching the Recluse backward at a high velocity, a large chemical cloud is left in the battleframe’s launch location.

Kinetic Shot - Edit

The BioCrossbow is also capable of firing a Kinetic Shot. As it travels it picks up speed, striking targets that are further away with increased damage over targets that are closer to the operator.

Necrosis (HKM) - Edit

The battleframe pumps a series of toxic chemicals out of the chassis in all directions, harming any enemy caught in the gas.

Weapon Edit

Astrek Association has designed an experimental BioCrossbow to be used with the Recluse battleframe. While its rate of fire is slower than its competitors, it packs a larger punch with its toxin-laced bolts. An alternate form of fire is a toxic grenade which can be launched from the BioCrossbow and deliver poisonous gas that spreads after explosion, read grenade.

Strategy Edit

Suggested Loadouts Edit

Perks Edit

Abilities Edit

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