Explosive Rounds Penetrating Rounds
Class Rhino




Penetrating Rounds is the first ability available to the advanced Rhino battleframe, unlocked at level 25. It grants unlimited ammo and punch through for the duration.

As with all abilities, Penetrating Rounds may have Prefixes, be slotted with Modules and is affected by some Perks and Elite Ranks upgrades.

In Game DescriptionEdit

For the duration of Penetrating Rounds, your primary weapon has unlimited ammunition and penetrates through multiple targets.

ARES Supply OfficersEdit

Penetrating Rounds can be bought at the following vendor using crystite:

Name Location Rarity Level
Supply Officer White Lab 16 (-915, 1046) Uncommon 35

Trivia Edit

Before Update 1.6, Penetrating Rounds was called Explosive Rounds, could be used by all Dreadnaught archetypes and dealt AoE damage.

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