Jetball is a 5v5 PVP map made available in Update 1.6.

600px-Omnidyne Prototype Arena Map

Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena Map Layout

Objective Edit

  • The goal in Jetball is to outscore the opposing team by the end of a ten minute match. Players who are not currently carrying the ball will need to attack and defend strategically against the enemy team to gain the upper hand.

Gameplay Edit

  • Upon entering a Jetball match, players will be sorted into two teams and placed into spawn rooms. While in the spawn room players will be able to interact with a battleframe terminal and pick their desired battleframe for the match, selecting any battleframe that they currently own for PvE. Players are not locked into this decision and can change battleframes at any point during the match while at this terminal. Battleframes used in PvP will use regulation gear to keep player equipment equal.

Jetball as seen on Youtube

Scoring Points Edit

  • To score points players will have to obtain the Jetball from the middle of the arena (or by killing someone carrying the jetball, then picking it up) and carry it to the enemy base. Once in the enemy base, players must either carry or throw the ball through a large rotating ring. Depending on how the ball is sent through the goal, players will obtain points as listed below.
    • 1 Point - Carry the jetball through the goal.
    • 2 Points – Throw the jetball through the goal from more than 10m away. (This is currently not marked clearly)
    • 4 Points – In an alcove to the side of the room a circular mark will appear on the ground. If a player throws the jetball through the goal from this point they will score 4 points!
    • After scoring a goal, the team that scored must leave the enemy’s goal room quickly or the automated defense systems will come online.

Special Carrier Rules: Edit

  • It is important to note that the player who is currently carrying the jetball will be unable to use abilities or attack. If the player does use abilities they will immediately drop the jetball on the ground. Although the carrier can pick the ball back up if they wish.
  • To throw the jetball, the carrier will use their default primary fire button. This can be charged up for a stronger throw. Alt-Fire: Lock on to another player to pass the ball to them (Homing).

How to enter Jetball Edit

To queue for a Jetball match, players will need to open the activities page (Default key: K), select PvP and enter the queue. Players are able to queue with pre-formed groups if they wish.

Reference Edit, adapted

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