Heavy Armor Heavy Armor
Class Dreadnaught
Damage Reduction






Heavy Armor is the second ability available to the Accord Dreadnaught battleframe, unlocked at level 6. It may also be used by the Mammoth and Rhino advanced Dreadnaught battleframe variants.

Activating Heavy Armor causes the Dreadnaught to take significantly reduced damage for a short duration.

As with all abilities, Heavy Armor may have Prefixes, be slotted with Modules and is affected by some Perks and Elite Ranks upgrades.

In Game DescriptionEdit

For the duration of Heavy Armor, you take reduced damage from all sources and gain a forward shield that can completely block enemy projectiles.

ARES Supply OfficersEdit

Heavy Armor can be bought at the following vendors using crystite:

Name Location Rarity Level
Supply Officer Booker Northern Shores (-327, 726) Uncommon 12
Supply Officer Cook Cerrado Plains (-1522, 424) Rare 18


If you are playing Mammoth, combining Heavy Armor with Thunderdome, shield Perks like Shields up, Resonating Shields and Augmented Shield Generators, and Elite Ranks improving Ability duration and cooldown might make you invulnerable indefinitely unless facing very strong enemies like the ones found in Defense of Dredge raid.

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