Instanced missions and operations have three difficulty modes: Normal, Challenge, and Hardcore. The Normal difficulty is balanced for the level the mission is unlocked challenge mode is balanced for 3 levels above the mission’s unlock level and Hardcore mode is tuned for maximum level players.[1]

All modes are accessible at the Armored Dropship in Copacabana, Transhub, Thump Dump, or Sunken Harbor. Players can also queue for these instances from the Looking for Group tool (Default hotkey: “K”).[2]

Besides normal rewards, players are granted a Campaign Token the first time everyday they complete a Hardcore mission or operation.

Hardcore Instances Available Edit

  • Crash Down (Mission)
  • Prison Break (Mission)
  • Icebreaker (Mission)
  • Unearthed (Mission)
  • Vagrant Dawn (Mission)
  • Razor’s Edge (Mission)
  • HIghtide (Operation)
  • Miru (Operation)
  • The ARES-Team (Operation)

References Edit


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