Grasshopper K-18

The Grasshopper K-18 is a Vehicle of Legendary quality introduced in Update 1.6. Besides having Excellent Speed, Handling and Hit Points, the Grasshopper have a jump feature similar but less powerful then the Update 1.3 M3 Lancer, which in turn was removed in Update 1.6 allegedly due to it being a bug[1]. The Grasshopper's jumping, however, seems to be a feature and will be kept.

In Game Description Edit

  • Speed: Excellent.
  • Handling: Excellent.
  • Hit Points: Excellent.
  • Special: Rocket Jump.

Kisuton's Grasshopper-series LGV is equipped with a prototype solid-fuel loft system, which can utilize a short rocket ignition to lift the vehicle over obstacles. (Default: LShift)

Components Required Edit

  • 1x Biomorphic Goo (50x Biomorphic Fragments)
  • 1x Dynamic Suspension (50x Dynamic Fragments)
  • 1x Evolving Alloy (50x Evolving Fragments)
  • 1x Exotic Chemicals (50x Chemical Fragments)
  • 1x Inconceivable Element (50x Elemental Fragments)

References Edit


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