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Ex Machina is a Prototype Chassis of Legendary quality introduced in Update 1.6. It starts at level 30 and can be tinkered up to level 50 in 5 level steps (30 - 35 - 40 - 45 - 50).

In Game Description/Status Edit

  • Killing an enemy has a chance to instantly trigger a Damage Powerup on you, increasing your damage dealt by 20% for 30 seconds.
  • Internal Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • Needles enter your skin. Your pulse quickens. The voice whispers: Kill them all. Do you listen?
Weapons Switch Speed increased by
9.41% 9.86% 10.31% 10.76% 11.21%
Weapons Handling Rating
18 19 19 20 21
Reload Speed increased by
9.41% 9.86% 10.31% 10.76% 11.21%
4891 6918 9760 13746 19337

Components Required Edit

  • 1x Alien Polymer (50x Alien Fragments)
  • 1x Terrible Machine (50x Disturbing Fragments)
  • 1x Dark Matter (50x Dark Fragments)
  • 1x Mysterious Metal (50x Metal Fragments)
  • 1x Semi-Conscious Nanotech (50x Nanotech Fragments)

Gallery Edit

  • Level 30 Ex Machina Chassis
  • Level 35 Ex Machina Chassis
  • Level 40 Ex Machina Chassis
  • Level 45 Ex Machina Chassis
  • Level 50 Ex Machina Chassis

Trivia Edit

  • Disturbing Fragments, a required material to craft the Ex Machina, seems to be specially rare and is reported[1] to drop only from the Platinum Cache from the Bounty System.
  • The tinkering costs for the Ex Machina increase when it is upgraded, therefore it's strongly recommended that all tinkering be done before upgrading[2].

Reference Edit


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