Players are rewarded for logging into the game. The Design Goals for the Daily Login Reward System were[1]:

  • To encourage players to log in and enjoy Firefall every day.
  • To provide a progression of rewards, so that consecutive daily logins are even more rewarding!
  • To provide bonuses that help players get into the game and keep playing.

Rewards Edit

Daily Login Rewards

Daily Login Rewards Interface

Daily rewards are random among the following list:

  • Reputation Boost Consumable - 20% for 1 hour
  • XP Boost Consumable - 20% for 3 hours
  • Rare Armor Cache
  • Battleframe Parts
  • Flare (Red)
  • Crystite Boost Consumable - 20% for 1 hour
  • Sonic Detonator
  • Crystite
  • Key Fragment

Consecutive Logins Edit

Daily Login Rewards - Missing Streak

Missing Streak

Extra rewards are given to players who keep a login streak:

  • 3 Days: 1-Use Glider Pad Calldown x5
  • 7 Days: XP Boost Consumable - 100% for 3 hours
  • 14 Days: Rare Module Cache x2
  • 21 Days: Epic Ability Cache
  • 28 Days: Security Key x5

If one misses a day and wants to keep his login streak, there's an option to spend 15 Red Beans and claim the missed daily reward.

References Edit


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