Firefall features 4 in-game currencies:

Crystite Edit

Icon Melded Crystite

The most basic currency in the game, it's used for repairing equipment, tinkering and buying some items from vendors. Can be converted into credits, while the opposite is not true;

Credits Edit

Used for trading items at the Marketplace, tinkering, unslotting Modules, instantly teleporting to unlocked SIN towers and self-reviving. Can be used to buy Red Beans;

Red Beans Edit

256px-Red Bean

Real money currency, it's used to buy items from the Red Bean Store, claiming a past day at the Daily Login Reward and rerolling and respecing Elite Ranks. Can be traded for credits;

Tokens Edit

Titan Token Icon

Gained from completing certain missions, tokens cannot be traded into any of the other 3 currencies, and is used to purchase special items from vendors.

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