Credits are the currency of “luxuries”, functioning as the currency for player-to-player transactions through the marketplace, as well as for a number of convenience functions such as fast travelling to any town you have visited within your current zone, self-reviving when you get downed, and un-slotting modules from an item without destroying them. Credits are gained by “selling” Crystite to the Accord; they will buy 25 Crystite for 1 Credit up to 1,000 Credits per day, resetting at midnight GMT.

The other important function of Credits is that they provide a way for you to get Red Beans without paying real money via the Credit Exchange. On the Credit Exchange, you can buy Red Beans from other players with Credits, or sell your own Red Beans to make Credits beyond the daily conversion limit[1].

Acquisition Edit

Credits Exchange

Currency Exchange (default key: > )

  • Exchanging crystite for credits in the Currency Exchange on the marketplace. One credit is equivalent to 25 crystite, and there is a daily limit of exchanging 25,000 crystite for 1,,000 credits. The exchange cannot convert credits into crystite.
  • Selling Red Beans. The Red Bean Exchange allows players to trade Red Beans and credits, setting buy and sell orders for Red Beans. Red Bean sales are controlled such that they cannot be sold for fewer than 100 credits nor higher than 500 credits. Exchanges can only happen if someone fulfills a buy order, or acts on a sell order; if there is a gap where all sell orders are too high for the current buy orders, no exchanges occur.
  • Selling items on the marketplace. There is a listing and selling fee in credits for each item on the marketplace, so it should be noted that items can only be sold if the player has enough credits to cover the listing fee.

Uses Edit

  • Trading items at the Marketplace (default key: T ).
  • Trading Red Beans at the Currency Exchange (default key: > )
  • Tinkering.
  • Unslot Modules – Safely remove the modules in any item, returning them to your inventory.
  • Priority Arcport – Teleport instantly from the map to any friendly controlled SIN tower that you have unlocked (within your current zone).
  • Self-Revive - Revive yourself in the same location after being killed (Does not work in raid/HC missions or PvP).

Lore Edit

As valuable as Crystite is, it’s hard to use a bucket of rocks to buy a sandwich. Credits are what the Accord and the surviving remnants of humanity in Firefall’s future Earth use as money. ARES teams are able to acquire the mineral Crystite that the United Armies of the Accord desperately need to power their technology. In exchange, the Accord pays out Credits, which are widely accepted as a universal currency[2].

References Edit


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