Corporations are part of Firefall's lore. As equipment prefixes, they also determine which status will be improved.

The Accord Edit

The fighting force that now protects the remnants of humanity within New Eden, The Accord is an elite military force and government entity in New Eden. Headed up by Consul Orestes Nostromo, the Accord is dedicated to the survival of humanity and the reclamation of Earth from the Melding.

Astrek Association Edit

Based at Andreev Station, while their corporate hierarchy is mysterious and their R&D department is hounded by rumors of unethical conduct, Astrek Association remais one of the largest suppliers of specialized battleframes in New Eden, rivaled only by Omnidyne-M.

HelioSys Edit

Manufactures solar powered battleframe systems for a brighter future.

Kisuton Edit

Kisuton is the company that survived both the Firefall and the Melding. and brought the world its first taste of crystite-based power and technology. They have been overshadowed in recent years by Astrek and Omnidyne, but they should never be underestimated.

Omnidyne-M Edit

Based at Lab 16, it's the most successful crystite energy company on the planet. Widely Regarded as the most powerful company on Earth, Omnidyne-M is a multi-industry, mega-corporation responsible for the construction of the Arclight and the founding of the human colony in Alpha Prime.

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