Broker Ochoa is a vendor NPC who trades Chosen War Relics Tokens into Omnidyne-M equipment and reputation increase packs.


He's located at Lab 16, Sertao, at (-929,1046):

Broker Ochoa Location

Broker Ochoa Location in Lab 16, Sertao

Items for SaleEdit

Aside from the Order of Merit, Ochoa requires reputation level with Omnidyne-M for the equipment cases to be acquired. All gear sold are max level:

No reputation needed
Order of Merit Omnidyne-M 25 CWR
Medical System Case 20 CWR
Omnidyne Armor Case: Arm Gear 50 CWR
Omnidyne Armor Case: Leg Gear 50 CWR
Omnidyne Armor Case: Chassis 60 CWR

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