Absorption Bomb Absorption Bomb
Class Dreadnaught
Base Damage

1262 - 26646



Effect Radius


HKM Charge Rate


Absorption Bomb is a HKM ultimate ability available to the Accord Dreadnaught battleframe, unlocked at level 10. It may also be used by the Mammoth and Rhino advanced Dreadnaught battleframe variants.

Absorption Bomb causes the Dreadnaught to become immobile and resistant for a short duration, greatly reducing the damage it takes. Afterwards, the Dreadnaught deals damage to all nearby enemies based on how much damage was absorbed.

As with all HKMs, Absorption Bomb may have Prefixes, be slotted with Modules and is affected by some Perks and Elite Ranks upgrades.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Brace for impact, briefly gaining extreme damage resistance and taunting nearby enemies to attack you.

When the damage reduction expires, it causes an explosion, dealing damage based on the amount absorbed to enemies caught in the area of effect.

ARES Supply OfficersEdit

Absorption Bomb can be bought at the following vendors using crystite:

Name Location Rarity Level
Supply Officer Booker Northern Shores (-327, 726) Rare 15
Supply Officer McFinn Trans-Hub Command (-1087, -910) Rare 22
Supply Officer Raptor The Nest (-166, 1227) Uncommon 34


As of March 2016, Absorption Bomb is reported to be bugged since Update 1.6 went live in January. It won't provide the proper damage reduction, so be sure to activate use Heavy Armor before activating it!

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